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South African Cooking Academy Offers Courses Leading to International Qualifications

There is a cooking academy in Gauteng that offers locals, who aspire to become chefs, the opportunity to pursue courses that can earn them international qualifications, while conducting all their lessons in South Africa. In the past, an international culinary … Continue reading

Prestigious Cookery School Produces Quality Candidates for Top Chef Jobs

A cooking school, staffed by former holders of top chef and management jobs within the hospitality industry, simply has to be the best possible place to start the search for anyone whose goal is to tap into South Africa’s next … Continue reading

Best Foundation for a Chef Career and All Cooking Jobs

An approved diploma can be the best possible start for a career as a chef or for most jobs that call for sound cooking skills. While some simply receive their training in the workplace, when given a thorough exposure to … Continue reading

An International Cooking Diploma from a South African Cooking Academy

There is no need to start packing for Switzerland in order to gain an international cooking diploma. The prestigious cooking academy to which celebrity chef, restaurateur and best-selling author of Leith’s Cookery Bible, Prue Leith, has lent her name, offers … Continue reading

Chef Recruitment Made Easy and Risk-Free

It is logical to believe that nothing could be better than a specialised chef recruitment service when you are attempting to find qualified staff to operate in an up-market restaurant or hotel kitchen.  One exception to this rule however, might … Continue reading

Expert Local Pâtisserie Training Prepares Learners for Global 5-Star Success

It is likely that many who have gazed hungrily at the displays in the window of a continental pâtisserie have contemplated some training even though they may never have actually pursued the thought further. The term is a French one … Continue reading

Join a World Class Cooking School in Pretoria

The deceptively modest title of cooking school fails to do justice to the extensive facilities and the wealth of expertise that a learner can look forward to experiencing if he or she should choose to attend one of the various … Continue reading

Why Do Your Pastry Training at Prue Leith?

Pastry chefs are the artists and the meticulous perfectionists of the culinary world. They create everything from delicate morsels of perfection, through to grand masterpieces, all of which require a steady hand, patience and expert training. If you have a … Continue reading

Prue Leith: The Cooking Academy of Choice

Prue Leith had a dream to start a cooking academy in South Africa that would help mould the best graduate chefs in the country. The academy was established in 1996 by four owner/operators or those in senior positions at boutique … Continue reading

Qualify as a Pastry Chef at Prue Leith Chefs Academy

Most people love good food and many will go out of their way to enjoy different types of decadent, mouth-watering and colourful culinary creations.  Creating the perfect dish can be just as exciting as eating it and every day more … Continue reading