The many articles found in this section of our website will offer insights and information on a variety of topics. The articles are written and posted not only by the faculty of the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, but by copywriters and researchers from around South Africa and the globe. By the very nature of these pages, some of the information may have be written more than a month ago and is therefore inaccurate, so before moving on please be sure to check in with the other relevant pages  on the website under “Our Courses” or “Restaurant” and so on, for the very latest information.

Pastry Training – The Passport to a Sweet and Rewarding Career!

Who doesn’t love delicious, mouth-watering gourmet pastries and desserts! If you are someone who loves baking, have an artistic flair in the kitchen, enjoys creating magic with sugar, fruit, chocolate and flour, and can whip up impressive, delicious pastries and … Continue reading

Culinary Schools – Why Prue Leith is the Best!

Looking to become a chef, or thinking of managing or even owning your very own restaurant one day? If you are looking to pursue a career in the culinary arts, then it all starts at culinary school. There are many … Continue reading

Top Tips for Choosing a Chef School to Gain a Competitive Edge in the Culinary Industry

If you are considering a career as a chef, food critic or restaurant owner, you will benefit from having a qualification from a top chef school. Although many older chefs will argue that nothing beats on-the-job training, this takes many … Continue reading

Chefs Training to Gain a Competitive Edge in the Culinary World

Enter the Prue Leith Restaurant’s kitchen and you will encounter chefs training to become skilled in various aspects of the culinary arts. Our Prue Leith Restaurant, located in Centurion, is one of the most prestigious restaurants in the country and … Continue reading

Start Your Chef Career with the Best Education

So, you are thinking of following a chef career. Maybe one of the many food programmes on television inspired you or perhaps your love for preparing food is so overwhelming that you are willing to spend 30 to 40 hours … Continue reading

Top Chef Skills for a Career in Patisserie

If you wish to become a skilled patisserie chef, take note of the chef skills briefly introduced below. Physical Competence and Strength You will work long hours and will often have to start your chef duties early in the morning, … Continue reading

Top Rated Cooking Academy opens International Opportunities for Aspiring Local Chefs

Not every cooking academy in South Africa is able to offer its learners the prospects of an international career. In fact, neither can there be many that can provide a dependable source of trained chefs who are qualified to international … Continue reading

The Right Chef School is Important to Amateurs and Professionals

The title of “chef school” is one that is often claimed without genuine justification. It has been applied to everything from guidance by a stay-at-home mom in the confines of her own kitchen and evening classes at an adult education … Continue reading

Among South Africa’s Culinary Schools – A World-class Academy for Chefs

South Africans no longer need to attend culinary schools overseas in order to gain an international qualification. Since 1997, the nation’s aspiring young chefs have had access to a facility that rivals any to be found in the institutions of … Continue reading

Attend an Internationally Rated Cooking Academy in the Heart of Gauteng

Although some may be unaware of it, an internationally-rated cooking academy was established in the Gauteng city of Centurion back in 1997. More significantly, during the intervening 17 years, the facility has repeatedly established itself as the finest training centre … Continue reading

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