The many articles found in this section of our website will offer insights and information on a variety of topics. The articles are written and posted not only by the faculty of the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, but by copywriters and researchers from around South Africa and the globe. By the very nature of these pages, some of the information may have be written more than a month ago and is therefore inaccurate, so before moving on please be sure to check in with the other relevant pages  on the website under “Our Courses” or “Restaurant” and so on, for the very latest information.

Cake Decorating Short Courses

Short and Sweet Cake Decorating Courses Human beings are particularly fond of decorations. They’re attracted to all sorts of adorned things. A vehicle will feature colour-coordinated upholstery and perhaps strategically placed striping. Women and men accessorise or decorate their outfits. … Continue reading

Chefs Training

All Great Culinary Journeys Lead to France Throughout the wide and diverse world of culinary arts and fine dining in the 21st century, professional training and qualifications are not just necessary, they’re essential for every successful modern chef’s background, since … Continue reading

Professional Pastry Courses

Professionally Produced Pastry Palate Pleasers Since virtually all pastries contain three everyday, key ingredients – flour, shortening and water, mixed and made into malleable dough – one may be forgiven for thinking that professional pastry making is a simple procedure, … Continue reading

World Class Chef School

The Career Advantages of Training at SA’s Leading Chefs’ School Does being a great chef depend solely on your talent, innovative and creative abilities, and the acuity of your discerning palate? Not really, not unless you have been exceptionally fortunate, … Continue reading

Baking Short Courses and more

Basic Short Course Will Have You Baking Before Christmas Everyone has to eat in order to survive; it is a natural law. Food is the fuel on which your body runs, so you are probably relatively confident making breakfast, lunch, … Continue reading

Pastry Short Courses

Prue Leith Chefs Academy’s Pastry Short Courses Prue Leith Chefs’ Academy is well known throughout South Africa for being a leader amongst this country’s culinary training institutes and Prue herself is virtually a household name across the English-speaking world. She … Continue reading

Healthy Food Short Courses

Healthy Food Short Courses Presented by Prue Leith Professionals Mention healthy food to fast food fans – those who shun anything that concentrates on nutritional value and health per se – and you will be met with a host of … Continue reading

Basic Baking – Baking Short Course

Get Baking Now with Prue Leith Academy’s Short Courses In the past, women were judged by husbands, mothers-in-law and peers alike according to the talents they demonstrated in their roles as housewives and mothers. Such judgement applied especially to their … Continue reading

World Class Cooking Schools

Leading Chefs are Educated at Leading Cooking Schools In contemporary South Africa, there are numerous types of schools or institutions of learning and education – primary, high or secondary, government and private schools, colleges and academies, and universities (academic and … Continue reading

Prue Leith Chef School

Sought-after Chefs Train at Prue Leith In South Africa, all children of a certain age are supposed to be enrolled in and attend school, where they are expected to stay until they reach at least their 16th year, but preferably … Continue reading

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