The many articles found in this section of our website will offer insights and information on a variety of topics. The articles are written and posted not only by the faculty of the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, but by copywriters and researchers from around South Africa and the globe. By the very nature of these pages, some of the information may have be written more than a month ago and is therefore inaccurate, so before moving on please be sure to check in with the other relevant pages  on the website under “Our Courses” or “Restaurant” and so on, for the very latest information.

Top Chefs Receive Top Training at SA’s Top School

There’s a route to follow if you wish to make your career in the culinary field and it begins with a creative passion for food and its preparation. Next, you need to select a chefs’ school where you’ll be trained … Continue reading

Cooking Lessons for All Types of Foodie Interests

You may wonder why South Africa’s top school of culinary arts also offers various short courses and cooking lessons, in addition to their full- and part-time diploma courses, which train professional chefs. Keep in mind that it seems unlikely that … Continue reading

Expert Patisserie Training Offered at Highly Regarded, Top Academy

Culinary arts are multi-faceted by their very nature, even though the basis remains centred upon classical French methods, and patisserie is one of its niche specialities for which specific theoretical and practical training is required. It is simply not enough … Continue reading

Award-winning Top Centurion Restaurant Offers Indulgent Dining

“Fine dining” is a concept which may be somewhat misunderstood by the uninitiated, but after enjoying a gourmet meal at our top, multi award-winning restaurant in Centurion, you’ll be left in no doubt about the true meaning of the term … Continue reading

Top amongst South African Cooking Academies

There is much in South Africa today which is on par with or better than that which one may find abroad and this certainly applies to the top culinary school in the country – Prue Leith’s cooking academy. First Step … Continue reading

Local World-class Chef School/Cooking School

If you’re a self-confessed foodie, passionate about good food and its preparation, and an avid follower of televised amateur and professional cooking competitions, you will be delighted to know that world-class chef training is available to you and fellow South … Continue reading

Professional Patisserie Courses at South Africa’s Top Culinary Institute

If you have a love of food and cooking in general, and a passion for patisserie and all things baked and sweet in particular, you should really consider building a career in this field by first completing a patisserie course … Continue reading

Top Catering Jobs for Qualified Career-minded Professionals

Mention catering jobs and you’ll only know how enormous this field is if you’re involved in it or you’ve done some research on the subject. Moreover, for most people working in this challenging but rewarding industry, it is a career, … Continue reading

Worldwide Demand for Our Chefs and Their Creative Skills

Even before reality television shows became as popular and prolific as they are nowadays, cooking programmes highlighting the innovation, talents and skills of amateur cooks and professional master chefs have commanded enormous viewing audience numbers. Subsequently, much has changed since … Continue reading

Basics of Getting Top Chef Jobs

In all likelihood, you have joined the ranks of job seekers once you have qualified as a chef, your chosen challenging and highly competitive profession. Typically, you will have the desire, ambition and drive to want to rise to the … Continue reading

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