The many articles found in this section of our website will offer insights and information on a variety of topics. The articles are written and posted not only by the faculty of the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, but by copywriters and researchers from around South Africa and the globe. By the very nature of these pages, some of the information may have be written more than a month ago and is therefore inaccurate, so before moving on please be sure to check in with the other relevant pages  on the website under “Our Courses” or “Restaurant” and so on, for the very latest information.

Catering Training Centurion

Time and Place for Top Catering Training South Africa’s leading professional chef’s academy, which bears the name of its esteemed patron, Prue Leith CBE, is situated in Centurion, conveniently located near Pretoria and not far from Johannesburg and other Gauteng … Continue reading

Catering Jobs – Professional

Identify Great Professional Catering Jobs You may have wanted to become a chef for as long as you can remember or only recently decided that this is the ideal career for you. Either way, you dream of the day when … Continue reading

Chefs Classes

Prestigious Professional Chefs Training We’re extremely gratified that our South African chefs’ school enjoys the proud reputation which it does amongst the restaurant and hospitality fraternity throughout the country. In fact, several of our graduates have gone on to work … Continue reading

Chef Recruitment

Quick, Reliable Chef Recruitment If you are scouring advertisements focused on the recruitment of chefs, you’re undoubtedly an employer in the hospitality industry with a vacancy which you need to fill, or you are a chef seeking a new career … Continue reading

Dedicated to Delighting Multiple Senses

Anyone who has ever dined at a restaurant knows that the person responsible for what they eat is the chef, but few have an understanding of how hard this person and his/her support staff work. There is also the matter … Continue reading

South Africa’s Top Culinary School Also Trains Amateur Foodies

Not too terribly long ago, very few men and women in South Africa received formal cooking school training to learn how to prepare food and present meals. At that time, the home kitchen was primarily the domain of women, while … Continue reading

Factors which Exemplify Prue Leith’s Chefs Training College

One look at the digital TV guide in South Africa quickly demonstrates the immense popularity of today’s reality television programs. Foremost amongst the selection, you’ll find numerous foodie programs, of which many focus on a competitive element, although there are … Continue reading

Brand Leaders amongst South African Culinary Schools

Few industries are exposed to as much public opinion as that of the world of food and dining. Here, one’s customers and their preferences are about as diverse as they could possibly be, whilst one strives to please all the … Continue reading

Top Chefs Receive Top Training at SA’s Top School

There’s a route to follow if you wish to make your career in the culinary field and it begins with a creative passion for food and its preparation. Next, you need to select a chefs’ school where you’ll be trained … Continue reading

Cooking Lessons for All Types of Foodie Interests

You may wonder why South Africa’s top school of culinary arts also offers various short courses and cooking lessons, in addition to their full- and part-time diploma courses, which train professional chefs. Keep in mind that it seems unlikely that … Continue reading

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