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Why Do Your Pastry Training at Prue Leith?

Pastry chefs are the artists and the meticulous perfectionists of the culinary world. They create everything from delicate morsels of perfection, through to grand masterpieces, all of which require a steady hand, patience and expert training. If you have a … Continue reading

Prue Leith: The Cooking Academy of Choice

Prue Leith had a dream to start a cooking academy in South Africa that would help mould the best graduate chefs in the country. The academy was established in 1996 by four owner/operators or those in senior positions at boutique … Continue reading

Qualify as a Pastry Chef at Prue Leith Chefs Academy

Most people love good food and many will go out of their way to enjoy different types of decadent, mouth-watering and colourful culinary creations.  Creating the perfect dish can be just as exciting as eating it and every day more … Continue reading

Looking for a Fine Dining Course?

Fine dining is just one of those things that people love.  Indulging in decadent, mouth-watering and colourful dishes brings much joy. Many people love spending time and money chasing after that next culinary experience.  Fine dining can be described as … Continue reading

Start Your Career as a Chef with the Best Culinary School

With the number of cookery and chef based programming streaming into our homes via TV, online and magazines, the desire to become a famous chef or even just to learn professional culinary arts has increased significantly.  Nowadays, chefs can become … Continue reading

Would Chef Jobs Suit You?

Many people who love to cook or bake turn their hobbies into careers in the culinary industry. Some do this from home and others seek out employment in restaurants and hotels. There are many ways to become a chef. One … Continue reading

Experience Fine Dining Cooking at Prue Leith Restaurant in Centurion

Ambiance, impeccable service and the best dynamic and diverse menu selections are primary components for fine dining. Images of wait staff attired in tuxedos, crisp white table linens, having to make reservations weeks in advance, indulging in delicacies that leave … Continue reading

Discover a Variety of Chef Jobs for Qualified Graduates Online through Prue Leith

So you want to become a professional chef? In French, the word chef means “chief” – a chef is an individual who takes care of prepping and cooking food. Other than enhancing the taste, they also have to make the … Continue reading

Indulge in Culinary Excellence at the Top Restaurant in Centurion

Since 1997, the Prue Leith Chefs Academy has trained world-class chefs who have worked in famous kitchens all around the world. The scope and strengths of our curriculum are evident in the successes of our past pupils who have not … Continue reading

Spice Up Your Cooking and Master New Cooking Techniques with Cooking Courses

So you want to learn how to cook? Maybe you’ve always had a flair for it, maybe you’ve always enjoyed cooking, or maybe you just really love food. Everybody has their own reasons, but there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all answer … Continue reading