ALMA “Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine”

For candidates with no professional culinary experience

A candidate with no professional culinary experience will enrol for the full programme, including six months of intensive foundational training in South Africa. These candidates will join the Prue Leith Grande Diploma class in July of each year. Candidates will also complete Italian language classes and introductory lectures into Italian culture.

The date upon which the programme begins in Italy is dependant of the requirements of ALMA, and the start date will only be finalised in the last quarter of the year. However, it may be assumed that the start date will fall within the first two weeks of January for planning purposes.

“ALMA’s is an exceptional program and EXACTLY the sort of opportunity Prue Leith Chefs Academy should be offering students. True Italian cooking has everything: distinctive and sophisticated style without being pretentious or over complicated; healthy, clean, honest cooking, and above all a true love of good ingredients and regional cooking, whether the dishes are light as air or earthy and robust. Marchesi’s philosophy of food embodies all of this and you really need to be in Italy to understand just how deep in the soul of every Italian lies la cucina.” – Prue

Visit the Alma Gallery for a visual tour of the ALMA course and Prue Leith’s visit to Italy in 2012.

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