Campus Facilities

Student Library

The Academy encourages students to read and research as we believe that this is a wonderful avenue to ideas, inspiration and the reinforcing of knowledge. The student library has the latest publications dedicated to culinary knowledge, subscriptions to some of the world’s foremost magazine and journals such as Art Culinaire, Gastronomica Food Journal and Cuisine & Wine Asia to name a few, enabling the students to keep abreast of food trends and news from around the globe.

The library has two computers with internet access and a printer. There is a television and D.V.D available to view the range of culinary DVD’s.

Library Times

  • Open: Monday – Friday (08h00 – 17h00)
  • Closed: Saturday – Sunday

Main Kitchen

The main kitchen at the academy services The Prue Leith Restaurant and is manned by students in their 2nd Commis semester under the watchful eye of the Academy’s Chef lecturers. The kitchen is divided into Hot Kitchen, Cold Kitchen and Pastry Kitchen allowing for high levels of concentration. We pride ourselves in the high standards of hygiene in our kitchens, as well as the quality of our equipment. Each section is managed and run by three specialist sous chefs.

Training Kitchen

The training kitchen is equipped with 20 cooking stations for students in there 1st Commis semester. It is here that our newest trainees work the through the basic skills which will ultimately form the foundation of their Culinary repetoire. Each student is provided with a full set of equipment which very importantly  includes such heavy duty items as Kitchen Aids, pasta machines and the like.

Lecture Room

The lecture room is used on for theory lectures, it is equipped to hold 40 students, is equiped with audio visual equipment for optimum education delivery, and is airconditioned.

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