Why is our course so highly recommended?

The following points illustrate some of the reasons why we come so highly recommended:

  • Prue Leith CBE, is a household name in most English speaking countries.
  • We are the only chefs training institute in South Africa that has a fine dining restaurant ranked among the top in South Africa.
  • Prue Leith is proudly City&Guilds approved centre, but the level of training provided goes far beyond this.
  • Prue Leith Chefs Academy has dedicated, passionate and experienced team of lecturers, all of whom are specialists in their field.
  • All of the Chef /Lecturers are subject focused which makes this the only faculty able to deliver exclusively in their own specific area of expertise.
  • A student to lecturer ratio of less than 20:1
  • Discipline
  • A student library with internet access, the latest books, journals, subscriptions and DVD’s
  • A dedicated Pan African cuisine module based on past graduate, Anna Trapido’s, award winning book To The Banqueting House. This is a critical module for the development of the culinary industry in South Africa.
  • A dedicated Spice Route (International Cuisine) module as we are firm believers in understanding where ingredients come from and how they crossed borders to become part of world cuisine. This is vital to a chefs understanding and respect for raw ingredients.
  • Our students are exposed to the best ingredients, many items of which are specially imported such as Iranian caviar, northern hemisphere salmon, Belgian couverture chocolate, French truffles, frogs legs, Italian cheeses and cured meats.
  • The comprehensive Finance module is delivered by experienced business people.
  • Most of our graduates are offered employment by their practical sites which are also among the top 25 venues in South Africa.
  • We often see “Prue Leith graduates only” in the job section for chefs in the newspaper and online classifieds
  • Recruitment agents hold our graduates in the highest regard
  • The course is the ideal length from a theoretical, practical and career perspective.
  • Although there is a lot of theory that needs to be taught, our students are afforded a significant amount of hands on practical experience through their efforts in Prue Leith’s restaurant and their practical sites.
  • The course is very comprehensive focusing on the classical French method, yet constantly being improved where necessary, and following international culinary trends.
  • A temperature controlled pastry section provides an ideal working environment for training.

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