We love it that the food industry is so dynamic. New techniques, ingredients, exiting chefs or suppliers and the latest events at the Academy are all part of the news that we share with you.


Prue Leith Patron Opens New Culinary Centre

After nearly 20 years at the forefront of professional culinary training, the Prue Leith Chefs Academy has invested R10.5 million in new kitchen and lecture facilities, confirming its place at the leading edge of culinary tuition in South Africa and … Continue reading


Evolution of Pasta

“Spaghetti Bolognaise does not exist.” As far as Italians in the northern town of Bologna are concerned the combination of dried hard wheat pasta with their beloved veal and pork ragout is as unthinkable as pineapple on a pizza, both … Continue reading


Exploring the science of flavour in herbs and spices

Countless books have been written about herbs and spices, but very few with an academic and scientific approach that investigates these fascinating ingredients beyond culinary uses and cultivation.  This is exactly the refreshing angle that Ben-Erik van Wyk takes in … Continue reading


Great results for Prue Leithers in final Italian exams

A few more certified Italian culinary specialists are making their way back home after the recent Prue Leith-ALMA Joint Programme graduation yielded yet again amazing results. Achieving several distinctions the group from Prue Leith cooked their hearts out in their … Continue reading


Adulteration and passion all in a pinch of saffron’s history

In antiquity Crocus was said to be the name of a beautiful youth loved by the god Hermes, who accidently killed him – and where the boy’s blood ran onto the earth, the first crocus flower sprang up. This is … Continue reading


From pig tails to pastries on the Prue Leith Food & Wine Experience

Every year organising our trip to Cape Town gets more and more difficult. The list of places to choose from to visit is getting so long, deciding where to go, and where not to, is not easy! We visited the … Continue reading


Abalone: A taste delicacy

  Ian Wiggins – Prue Leith Chefs Academy This edible sea snail is one of the most internationally prized culinary products indigenous to our country but due to poor resource management and poaching they are more readily available in China … Continue reading


Foie gras: sublime gastronomic pleasure or animal cruelty?

  Author: Adele Stiehler  Archbishop Desmond Tutu won’t eat it. Neither will author JM Coetzee who calls it a repellent practice. Chris Chameleon will leave the table if it is served. As of 1 July 2012 no restaurant in the state … Continue reading


Getting to the heart of Italian cuisine

  Author: Adele Stiehler When studying Italian cuisine one very quickly realizes that it is not an isolated subject. Italian food is inseparable from its terroir, its history, cities, art, music and culture. You have to embrace the Italian lifestyle … Continue reading


Successful endings and exciting record new beginnings at Prue Leith

From graduation to orientation – December and January is always filled with highlights and emotions at Prue Leith Chefs Academy as we graduate one class and start the culinary love affair all over with another. 2012 most certainly ended on … Continue reading

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