Why I teach

I am fascinated by food – from the pleasure that different tastes give to the intricacies and history that every ingredient brings to the table. I believe that one of the most important aspects of cooking that young chefs need to learn is respect and understanding for the ingredients they work with.

Only once you understand ingredients, can you produce pleasure on a plate. There is much irresponsible use of ingredients in restaurants in South Africa and also poor knowledge of the amazing local ingredients (and their quality) that we have. I would like to change that.

How do you feel about the hospitality industry in South Africa?

We are a hospitable nation. Entertaining comes naturally to us. We can be brilliant at this if we realize the importance of service and accept that the flavours of our continent are immaculate. We can take lessons in precision and technique from the French masters, but we have a sufficient flavour repertoire to pull from. We need to show off our rich culinary history.

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Recent News

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