Why I like teaching?

Passion is contagious and I love teaching students that enjoy cooking as much as I do.  I specifically enjoy teaching the creative process of turning raw ingredients into something interesting and exciting.

How do you feel about the hospitality industry in South Africa?

This country has so much to offer.  We are a very diverse nation and have much to be proud of with our exceptionally different flavors and culture and the world is starting to look in our direction with interest and intrigue.

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Time to shift the balance on our plates

Nutritionists and doctor were the first to warn against excessive consumption of red meat, as too much of our beloved steak is apparently not good for our health. New voices…

Prue Leith Patron Opens New Culinary Centre

After nearly 20 years at the forefront of professional culinary training, the Prue Leith Chefs Academy has invested R10.5 million in new kitchen and lecture facilities, confirming its place at…

Take it with a pinch of salt…

Black lava salt, pink salt, red salt, smoked salt, truffle salt, desert salt. No longer is salt the humble seasoning that we add religiously to all recipes in a supporting…

Recent News

7 December, 2016Time to shift the balance on our plates

25 November, 2014Prue Leith Patron Opens New Culinary Centre

4 August, 2015Take it with a pinch of salt…

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