Why I teach

I have always had a passion for food, and what better way to share this passion than to use it to teach the new up and coming chefs.
For me that ‘light bulb’ moment I see in a student’s eyes, when they learn a new technique is exciting and it drives me even harder to share my knowledge.
I hope to instill a sense of pride, patience and perseverance in the students so that they too will develop into great chefs.

How do you feel about the hospitality industry in South Africa?

The hospitality industry in South Africa has the potential to be amazing so long as we maintain a strong education base at our local chef schools. It is up to us at lecturers to ensure the basic techniques we teach are of the best standard.

We have many chefs in the industry that are passionate and driven to succeed. They need only persevere and continue to draw from our multi-cultural society and combine this with the basic techniques to keep on the path upwards.

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