Dawie du Plessis (HOD Hot Kitchen)

Dawie du PlessisWhy I teach

There are so many opportunities for young talented chefs in this country. From experience in the industry, working with and training students, I realized how important a sound foundation is. Creativity and new ideas can only be successful if you know the basics. I have always enjoyed working with people and derive great satisfaction from seeing how my passion for what I do influences younger chefs to enjoy what they do and make a success of themselves.

How do you feel about the hospitality industry in South Africa?

There are so many excellent restaurants in this country at the moment. It is also encouraging to see so many new young chefs heading up top ten restaurants. In this economic climate where diners are watching their every cent, and dining out has become almost a celebration, quality has become so very important. Diners’ expectations have become so much higher and it is the responsibility of chefs and managers to live up to these expectations. Quality in everything, from the raw ingredient to the final service of friandise , is probably the most important foundation I would like to establish with all our students.