The Prue Leith Team

The Prue Leith team is a passionate food obsessed bunch that strives to instil the same passion in every student as well as a strong respect for ingredients and culinary traditions and we make sure every student takes well honed skills with them into industry.

  • Anthony Roberts

    Anthony Roberts (Chief Executive Officer)

    Anthony Roberts has studied a Bachelor of Commerce through Unisa, but has in essence been in the Hospitality Industry for the past 15years. Continue reading

  • bianca

    Bianca (Student HR Administrator)

    Bianca joined the Team at Prue Leith in December 2010. Bianca has been in the hospitality industry for the last 9 years and has experience both in kitchens and in the front of house. Continue reading

  • suzette-laubscher-tb

    Suzette Laubscher (Prue Leith Group Bookkeeper)

    Suzette joined the team at Prue Leith in January 2011. Suzette is responsible for the bookkeeping duties of the Prue Leith Group. Continue reading

  • Adele Stiehler

    Adele Stiehler-van der Westhuizen (Head Chef)

    To me one of the most important aspects of cooking that young chefs need to learn is respect and an understanding for the ingredients they work with. Continue reading

  • Maria Radcliff

    Maria Radcliffe (HOD Cold Kitchen)

    The food industry in South Africa at the moment is such a vibrant interesting industry to be in. Spending my time with like minded people, sharing knowledge is a perfect way to spend a working day. Continue reading

  • dawie-du-plessis-tb

    Dawie du Plessis (HOD Hot Kitchen)

    There are so many opportunities for young talented chefs in this country. From experience in the industry, working with and training students, I realized how important a sound foundation is. Continue reading

  • Leon Cronje

    Leon Cronje (HOD Pastry)

    I enjoy working with people and students in particular. I love to see people’s reaction to my efforts whether it is a plate of food I have cooked for them or the excitement in a student that I have trained. Continue reading

  • andrea

    Andrea Hallam (Pastry Sous Chef)

    Andrea joins Prue Leith Chefs Academy as a Pastry Chef. Continue reading

  • jean-luc

    Jean-Luc Stanic (Restaurant Manager)

    I do believe that all the knowledge I have acquired over the last twenty years in France and in South Africa in the hospitality industry should be given to passionate students who will be dedicated to their profession. Continue reading

  • alida-tb

    Alida (Sous Chef Cold Kitchen)

    Passion is contagious and I love teaching students that enjoy cooking as much as I do. I specifically enjoy teaching the creative process of turning raw ingredients into something interesting and exciting. Continue reading

  • lizette

    Lizette Meyer

    Lizette is our Front Office Administrator and also fulfills the role of Academy Secretary. Continue reading