The Prue Leith Team

The Prue Leith team is a passionate food obsessed bunch that strives to instil the same passion in every student as well as a strong respect for ingredients and culinary traditions and we make sure every student takes well honed skills with them into industry.

  • Barry

    Barry Rautenbach (Stores Manager)

  • danie

    Diane Howell-Wood (HOD Hot Kitchen)

  • dimitri

    Dimitry de Bruyn (Jnr Sous Chef Hot Kitchen

  • Ockert

    Ockert Brits (Chef Tournant)

  • Nicola_Eksteen

    Nicola Eksteen (Pastry Sous Chef)

  • Anthony Roberts

    Anthony Roberts (Managing Director)

  • bianca

    Bianca Neumann (Student HR and Administration)

  • suzette-thumb

    Suzette Laubscher (Prue Leith Group Bookkeeper)

  • Adele Stiehler

    Adele Stiehler – van der Westhuizen (Executive Chef)

  • Maria Radcliff

    Maria Radcliffe (Head Chef and HOD Cold Kitchen)

  • andrea

    Andrea Pin (HOD Pastry)

  • lynn-thumb

    Lynn Nyika (Restaurant Manager and HOD Service)

  • alida-tb

    Alida (Sous Chef Cold Kitchen)

  • anna-marie-thumb

    Anna-Marie Felsko (Front Office and Course Administration)