Tried and trusted recipes are crucial tools for spreading good cooking and culinary happiness. We believe in sharing all the details and hope that these recipes bring you as much pleasure as they have given us.

  • nicholas-cherry-crusted-beef

    Nicholas Cherry’s Coriander & Almond Crusted Beef Fillet

    Coriander and almond crusted beef fillet

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  • buckwheat-blinis-img

    Buckwheat Blinis – in the Kenwood Cooking Chef

    In  the Kenwood Cooking Chef bowl warm the milk to 35°C and …

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  • sous-vide-pork-fillet

    Sous Vide Pork Fillet, Apple and Thyme Samp, Sauerkraut and Cider Foam

    Clean the pork fillet by removing…

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  • recipe-dark-choc-praline

    Dark Chocolate Passion Fruit Pralines

    The Kenwood Cooking Chef has been a new addition to the Prue Leith kitchen.

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  • recipe-prawn

    Prawn Mosaic

    Place three prawns per serving between two sheets of plastic wrap and place a 15cm mould on the plastic.

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  • Three cheese ravioli with tomato ragout

    Three cheese ravioli with tomato ragout

    Knead the flour with warm water until smooth and gradually incorporate oil.

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  • White Chocolate Terrine with Passion Fruit

    White Chocolate Terrine with Passion Fruit

    Brush sugar crystals attached to the side of the pan with a clean pastry.

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  • Mushroom a La Grecque

    Mushroom a La Grecque

    Combine the sweet potato chips, quartered baby onions and olive oil in a roasting tray, sprinkle with Maldon salt.

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  • sous-vide-pork-belly

    Sous Vide Pork Belly

    Place each portion into a vacuum bag with a knob of butter, sprig of rosemary and three black peppercorns.

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  • recipe-salmon-sous-vide

    Salmon Souse Vide

    Sous vide in 50˚C water bath for 12 minutes, cool it down in ice bath as quickly as possible.

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  • recipe-olives-goat-cheese

    Black Olive & Goats Cheese Frittata

    Place a big spoon of Napolitana sauce in the centre of the plate.

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