Culinary Tours Abroad

As the industry leaders in culinary training in South Africa, Prue Leith Chefs Academy goes to great lengths to ensure that it’s graduates are the most highly skilled, passionate, and competent. Part of this process is to expose students to the cuisines of the world, to take them on journeys through taste and culture, and to acquaint them with the wonderful artisanal raw ingredients which make up the food history of many of the most exciting and romantic destinations around the globe.

It is this love of cuisine and culture, and thirst for more and more knowledge, that has pointed us in a new direction. With ethnic food as a major food trend we know that there are many foodies out there just itching to travel to exotic and historical places, prepare the foods of these highly regarded cuisines in their rightful place, meet the artisans that produce the raw ingredients, and absorb the atmosphere and culture that surrounds every new recipe. There are so many things that simply cannot be taken from books, the smells, the taste, the secret ingredient, the spirit.

With the food enthusiast in mind, Prue Leith now offers culinary travel packages to a number of destinations widely regarded to be heaven for any self-respecting foodie. These tours are all planned and operated in partnership with professionals in this field, and are designed for individuals, couples, and groups of friends to join on tour and experience something extremely special. From the heart of the Umbrian countryside, to the Markets of Istanbul, and the sheer spice pleasures of Kerala, our packages will awaken the chef and traveler in every one of you.”

Culinary Trip to Parma, Italy

The course, specifically designed by ALMA faculty chefs and experts will showcase Italian cuisine in all of its modernity. Set yourself apart from the rest with this in-depth foodie experience.

Italy - Food & Art Experience

Italy is a kaleidoscopic map of culinary traditions, changing from one territory to another, enriched with different influences through the centuries.