Banquet Catering

The success of banquet catering depends very much on the catering company’s expertise on three levels.


A worthy banquet catering company will be flexible and willing to cater at a venue of a client’s choice. Though this may require more effort and planning than catering at the company’s own venue, it is often required from a banquet catering company.

Another area of flexibility lies with the menu. Different clients have different needs and budgets that have to be taken into consideration. One may opt for a Pan-African menu and another for a six course Russian banquet when catering to the needs of his Russian ancestors. For one the sky is the limit which makes caviar quite appropriate. For another the savings account will only stretch so far.

Change is the only constant” it is said. This rings very true for banquet catering.

Whatever the reason may be for a programme to run behind schedule, the caterer has to be adaptable and think on his feet in order to deliver a service and product quality.


Producing big quantities of food of exceptional quality is the mark of a true banquet catering specialist. The presentation, eye-appeal, aroma and texture of food blend to create an extraordinary meal. Drinks and beverages that compliment this round the cuisine off to perfection. Serving each beverage in the correct glass at the optimal temperature is etiquette and essential when delivering a banquet catering service.


The expertise, availability and friendliness of the wait-staff doing the banquet catering cannot be overstated. Bad, impolite service can ruin the taste of the any well-prepared meal. Prompt service by friendly, well-trained staff is the proverbial cherry on top any banquet catering experience.

Prue Leith Catering is a banquet catering specialist whose dedication and expertise make them infamous in catering circles. Their flexibility, quality of food and top-class service has earned them a reputation for brilliance in the banquet catering industry.