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    Student Information

    Important Information

    Please take note of the following:

    • Applicants will be notified via e-mail of their scheduled interview date and time.

    • Acceptance will only be confirmed once a candidate has successfully completed the interview process.

    International Students - Study Permits

    • If you are a foreign student and wish to study at Prue Leith Culinary Institute you need to apply for a Student Permit.

    • Study permits must be applied for at any regional office of the Department of Home Affairs near the educational institution you will be studying at or at the nearest South African embassy, mission or consulate abroad by completing a Form BI-1738.

    A South African educational institution cannot register an international student until a valid permit has been issued. A provisional acceptance letter will be issued to an applicant to assist with the application of the study permit, but only after the interview has been deemed successful. Final acceptance will be granted once the applicant presents a valid study permit.

    Please upload the following documents:

    Please take note there is a limit of 2mb per document.

    Student Details

    Students Date of Birth

    Students Contact Details

    Additional Information

    Learning difficulty / Need for a scribe or translator?

    Postal & Physical Address Details

    Medical Information

    Do you suffer from any medical conditions / disability?:

    Enrollment Details - Full Time Courses

    Full Time Courses

    Please select a course below for enrollment.

    Occupational Certificate Chef

    3 Years - Full Time


    Professional Patisserie

    18 Months - Full Time


    ALMA Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine

    19 Months - Full Time


    Introduction to Professional Cookery

    1 Year - Full Time


    Professional Patisserie (Qualified Chefs Only)

    6 Months - Full Time


    ALMA Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine (Qualified Chefs Only)

    9 Months - Full Time


    Enrollment Details - Part Time Courses

    Part Time Courses

    Please select a course below for enrollment.

    Foundation of Cooking

    18 Months - Part Time


    Professional Patisserie

    18 Months - Part Time


    High School

    Please list subjects completed below:

    Tertiary Education

    Do you have any other qualifications? If so, please list them below:

    Account Holder Details

    Please complete the information of the Account Holder.

    Account Holder Contact Details

    Postal & Physical Address Details


    In three points describe what the word "CHEF" means to you:*

    Have you had any previous experience within the hospitality industry? If Yes, please specify:

    How do you feel about working in and being part of a team?*

    What is the best team you have ever been part of?*

    If you are not successful in your application to the Prue Leith Culindary Institute, what would your alternative choice of study / career be?*

    What do you consider your strengths to be?*

    What motivates you?*

    Rate the following in order of importance to you personally from 1 to 5.
    (Number 1 being the most important)*

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?*

    You are in charge of a kitchen and you're in the following situation:
    Your staff are on strike and you have a lunch function booked for 50pax. How would you handle this situation?*

    What are your expectations of this industry / career?*

    Do you know and understand the responsibilities involved in this industry?*

    • Long irregular shift work and hours

    • Working on all public holidays, including Christmas and Easter

    • Kitchen environment: swearing and verbal abuse is not uncommon

    • Respect for your superiors and the kitchen "brigade system"

    • Working in a team and being a team player

    Please comment below:

    Hygiene plays an important role and you need to realize that impeccably high levels of hygiene should be maintained at all times. Regular deck scrub is just one of ways we keep up with the high level of hygiene.

    You are expected to participate in this by scrubbing floors, walls, equipment etc. You should not see this as a punishment but rather a way of learning the correct way of maintaining a high standard of hygiene. Hygiene and cleaning of equipment and the kitchen will be part of your daily Institute life. Can you accept this learning and working environment?*


    In no less than a 100 words, write a short autobiography explaining your choice of career.*

    Food Questionnaire

    What is your favourite restaurant and why?*

    What type of food do they serve?*

    What is your favourite home cooked meal?*

    What do you taste when you eat your favourite meal and how does it make you feel?*

    What is the worst meal you've ever had and why?*

    If you could choose your last meal, what whould it be? And why this dish?*

    Why would you like to study at the Prue Leith Culinary Institute?*

    How did you find Prue Leith Culinary Institute?*