Cake Decorating Short Courses

Cake Decorating Short Courses on Which You Can Count

Are you one of those talented people who just don’t ever have a flop when you’re baking and making all sorts of sumptuous sweet eats? Your cakes are light, spongy, moist, and fluffy. They rise evenly and perfectly and they have just the right degree of colour. Despite such pleasing results, you know there’s one shortcoming that prevents your baked products from being absolute masterpieces – you don’t have the knowledge or skill to finish off, decorate, and detail them to resemble the wonderful pictures that you see in your mind’s eye or in the colourful illustrations as they appear in your recipe books and magazines.

It’s all very well to have the latest requisite aids, tools, and utensils with which to undertake creative cake decorating, but there’s more to this art form than only having the necessary equipment. Obviously, you require the knowledge of how to use your baking aids to their best advantage. Additionally, you must be comfortable and familiar with various decorating ingredients, how to combine them, optimal textures and consistencies, techniques and how, where, and when to apply them to cakes, flans, cupcakes, tarts, biscuits, and other baked goodies that lend themselves to one or other type of decoration. There are so many from which one might choose. Selecting and producing the most appropriate type is vital to the appearance, appeal, and taste of the final product.

Your friends and family might be queueing to tuck in to your delicious cakes at teatime, but be completely inept or less skilled than you are, so there’s no point in asking them to help you embellish your creations or show you the ropes. What’s one to do now? If you’re truly serious about mastering this creative art or you’re a culinary student who seeks to produce beautiful creations, Prue Leith Chefs Academy is delighted to offer the solution; you’re invited to enrol and participate in one of our acclaimed decorating short courses.

Short Courses in Cake Decorating

  • Certificate in Sugarcraft, which is also the precursor to the Advanced Certificate in this field. This course takes place on Mondays over a period of three months in 13 sessions, either mornings or afternoons. It incorporates numerous techniques, including cake covering, modern and traditional design, modelling paste and sugar flowers, piping, brush embroidery and embossing, fruit cakes and marzipan, and royal icing.
  • Advanced Cakes and Decorations is ideal for advanced home bakers, professional bakers and chefs who wish to learn about and enter the fascinating world of French patisserie. The 4-day January course has already taken place, but there is still an opportunity to enrol for the second – 11 to 14 September 2017. Content includes the theory on techniques, enabling participants to assemble advanced cakes, garnishing (sugar garnishes, macaroons, crystallised fruit, and basic chocolate), finishing techniques (glazes, ganache, icings, piping, jaconde, spraying), and varied inserts (jellies, mousses, sponges, pastries, and advanced pastry creams), as well as the actual cake

Prue Leith’s short courses are particularly popular. Currently (early February 2017), the morning sessions of the Advanced Course in Sugarcraft are already fully subscribed, but there are still a few places available for the afternoon classes. We recommend that you enrol now at our academy for your selection of short courses in cake decorating (or other disciplines). Your eager teatime guests are waiting in anticipation.