Chef – A Creative, Rewarding Professional Career Choice

French techniques, words, terms, and culinary traditions continue to dominate as the basis for almost all professional kitchens and top culinary training programmes throughout the world. So it is too in the naming of the head, manager, or executive chief of a professional kitchen – the chef. They occupy the top position in the kitchen, dining room, and restaurant, although the chef works behind the scenes and is seldom seen by the dining public.

The Executive and Assistant (Commis) Chef

The principle chef is assisted by a Commis chef, who is typically also qualified, albeit usually with less work experience in a senior-management capacity, hence their second-in-charge position within the kitchen. Irrespective of their status, passion for food, and position, modern chefs who want to succeed in the competitive culinary world need to have been trained at a recognised, accredited cooking school, one that equips them with all the knowledge and skills they require in a modern, professional restaurant kitchen.

Lifelong Importance of Alma Mater

In the culinary world, one’s alma mater matters throughout one’s life and career as a sought-after, professional chef, particularly at the creative top level of this profession. This is where the Prue Leith Chefs Academy rises to the forefront of excellence in culinary education and training. We are proud to be recognised as the top culinary school in South Africa and we are registered with, accredited by, and/or associated with:

• The Republic of South Africa’s Department of Higher Education & Training.
• The Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO).
• City & Guilds.
• The South African Chefs Association.
• ALMA – the International School of Italian Cuisine, with its headquarters, classrooms and laboratories in Parma, Italy.

The Enduring Impact of Prue Leith Chefs Training

The Prue Leith Chefs Academy is known throughout the South African hospitality industry for the design and comprehensive content our cutting-edge training programmes. Our sterling reputation was primarily built on our full-time professional chef’s courses, which also include a few post-graduate part-time options. However, in response to the needs and demands of ever-increasing numbers food lovers who wish to expand and refine their prowess in their home kitchens, Prue Leith’s culinary school now also offers a superb and immensely popular range of short courses that addresses varied amateur culinary needs too.

Four out of our five full-time professional chef courses that are suitable for complete kitchen novices are designed to take new chef students from the basics right through to final exams and the essential qualification/s to become a bona fide, qualified, and confident chef, ready to virtually assure an entry-level position in any professional kitchen. Your Prue Leith professional chef training will stand you in good or great stead throughout your life and career as a talented, creative competent, and qualified chef, when and wherever you choose to cook for discerning diners.

You and your Prue Leith Chefs Academy training are instrumental in setting the benchmark of culinary excellence in the South African and the international hospitality industry, whilst practising a profession about which you are passionate.