Chef Career Enrolments

Time for Enrolment for your Career as A Chef

Have you made up your mind that you want to pursue a professional culinary career as a professional chef? If so, now is time for enrolment at a chefs’ school.

Passion – A Fundamental Requirement

As an aspirant chef, you already have a love of and passion for good food, which is one of the fundamental requirements all professional culinary schools have of every new intake of enrolled students who want to pursue a culinary career. This is never more evident than at South Africa’s top culinary school, the prestigious Prue Leith Chefs Academy in Centurion, Gauteng, where this characteristic applies to the current student body and new enrolments alike. Vitally important as this love and passion is, it takes a lot more to qualify as a well-trained, confident, and innovative professional chef at Prue Leith or any other top chef school.

Commitment, Innovation, and Drive

A keen eye for detail, the willingness and commitment to work hard and spend long hours on your feet in a fast-paced environment, the desire to create and innovate, and the drive to succeed are other essential qualities of a professional chef. A natural ability, manual dexterity, and a discerning palate are helpful attributes too, but a great deal of what it takes to become a chef of note can be taught and learnt.

Education, Training, and Qualifications

Consequently, the standards of your theoretical and practical culinary training, plus the curricula, qualifications, reputation, recognition, and accreditation of the facility at which you enrol, are just as important as your passion for food. This is another area in which Prue Leith Academy shines. Our accredited City & Guilds professional chefs’ qualifications are recognised locally and internationally, enabling our graduates to pursue their careers wherever they wish.

Academy of Excellence

Our lecturers, all specialists in their own fields, are imbued with extensive knowledge of and enormous enthusiasm for their specialities, which they eagerly share with like-minded new Prue Leith enrolments, from the day they start until the day they qualify – and beyond. Because of the Prue Leith Chefs Academy’s culture and standards of excellence, all who have enrolled and are associated with our school are deservedly proud of the foundation of their culinary careers at this academy, regarded as the top culinary school in South Africa.

Enrolment at Prue Leith

We currently offer five full-time professional chefs’ courses of various durations – from six months to three years. However, the 6-month course, Professional Patisserie, is intended for those who already possess a City & Guilds Level 1 qualification, while the other four are designed for new enrolments. Two postgraduate courses enable chefs to specialise, while one of our two part-time courses provides formal training to unqualified chefs who are already working and the other caters for students who have only just enrolled for professional patisserie training but are working elsewhere to help fund their future chefs’ training.

Most of our professional Prue Leith chefs’ courses have two annual intakes – January and July – but it is always best to enrol as early as possible for the best chefs’ career training in South Africa – at Prue Leith.