Chef Jobs

Serving Chefs Seeking Jobs, Industry Employers and Delighted Diners

Becoming a professional chef implies that you are passionate about all things related to food and the numerous factors which influence this wide, wonderful science and innovative, creative art form. However, before you can become a professional chef whose creative skills and services are sought by the top role players of the today’s hospitality industry who have job vacancies to fill, you require a recognised and accredited qualification. Although it is not impossible to find a chef’s job with experience only but without a formal qualification, your chances of landing a job and progressing to the top of your career as a chef are vastly diminished.

More Than A Piece of Paper

It must be noted that you require a qualification that is more meaningful than a mere piece of paper with your name on it. In the challenging, modern world of chefs and professional cookery, where competition can be fierce, a bona fide qualification is verifiable and credible, issued by reputable, official accreditation bodies within the food and hospitality industry.

Having an Edge Over Competitors

Furthermore, one’s qualification should ideally be recognised both nationally and internationally to give you an edge over competing candidates when applying for chefs’ jobs, wherever prospective employers and job opportunities may be. This is the edge accorded to Prue Leith Chefs Academy graduates, both here in South Africa and just about anywhere in the world where the culinary arts are acclaimed and gourmet foods and the pleasure of fine dining are appreciated. In the local hospitality industry, as proclaimed by our peers, we are arguably the top culinary school in the country. Many give preference to job candidates who graduated at Prue Leith Chefs Academy. Many of our graduates are offered permanent chef jobs by the top restaurants where they performed their practical, hands-on training in actual restaurant environments.

Service to Job Seekers and Our Industry

We believe in giving back to our industry on an ongoing basis. As a service to our present and past graduates who are seeking chef jobs, as well as employers who have vacancies for qualified chefs and offer jobs accordingly, our website features a handy, recruitment page. Here, job seekers (only those trained and qualified at our culinary school), and employers are invited to list their preferred requirements. Registration, submission of your profile, and posting of your resume on this site is a free service to Prue Leith graduates. Employers are charged a nominal fee to submit, relist, view, and remove their job requirements and listings. Prospective employers may also check the credentials of job applicants who state that they trained at Prue Leith Chefs Academy.


Finding that perfect chef’s job, which allows you to develop and exercise your creative culinary talents, your eye for detail, and your passion for all things related to food, or filling a job vacancy with a competent, enthusiastic, creatively skilled, and confident chef who qualified at Prue Leith’s school of culinary arts could not be easier. It is good for our industry, our career-minded chef graduates, employers offering chefs’ jobs, and delighted diners alike – a win-win recipe for success and satisfaction.