Chef Recruitment Made Easy and Risk-Free

It is logical to believe that nothing could be better than a specialised chef recruitment service when you are attempting to find qualified staff to operate in an up-market restaurant or hotel kitchen.  One exception to this rule however, might be an organisation that is not only able to help an employer gain access to culinary professionals but is also responsible for their training.

One of the biggest challenges faced by any employer is verification. Does the candidate really have the qualifications and experience that he or she claims?  While this is a task that would normally be undertaken by an agency, it is also one that can be time-consuming, frustrating and in the end, may still not offer the investigator 100% assurance. Sad to say, there are also less scrupulous agents, who claim to have performed all the required checks without actually doing so.

When approaching the Prue Leith Chefs Academy about chef recruitment, you can at least be assured of one thing. Any candidate who you may discover on their site and who you may subsequently decide to interview, will be guaranteed to have the qualifications and experience that he or she claims in the displayed CV, as the latter facility is open only to the former graduates of this academy.

For many years it has been a fairly common practice within the South African hospitality industry to seek top personnel from European sources. This practice was based largely on the belief that although local may be lekker for a lot of things – haute cuisine is not necessarily one of them. The result of this philosophy when applied to chef recruitment was often an employee who failed to adapt to local culture and who expected salaries comparable with those paid in their country of origin.

At the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, located in Centurion on the outskirts of the nation’s administrative capital, we have established ourselves as an institution in the very finest European tradition. From our well-appointed modern kitchens with the latest in modern equipment to the advanced audiovisual facilities of our lecture rooms, as well as our impassioned teaching staff drawn from among the most knowledgeable and experienced in their fields, we offer everything that is necessary to transform our learners into 5-star ready professionals. This means of course that when interested in chef recruitment, you will have access to local talent that have the added benefit of a verified, internationally-recognised qualification.

Apart from providing graduates with the means to post their CVs, our site also offers 2 options for prospective employers. They may, in each case for a nominal fee, either advertise the details of a post that they wish to fill or they may browse among the posted CVs to select likely candidates. As stated, the fees involved are nominal and considerably less than those applicable to the various alternative options. For those who may still be sceptical about the quality of the personnel who may be accessed through our site, we offer first-timers the chance to browse through our portfolio of CVs for a full 30 days in exchange for just a single Rand.

There is a good reason why a culinary expert of Prue Leith’s international renown has lent her name to the academy and its chef recruitment – excellence!