Chef’s Careers: First Things First

Everyone who has their mind set on chef’s career cherish the dream of writing the title “Gourmet chef” or “Specialist chef” behind their names. A privileged few who entered televised cooking games in the UK for instance, achieve overnight status and the title “Master Chef” – jet setting off to a fulfilling career as a chef. For most others it takes years of hard labor and effort, not to mention loads of talent, to get their chef’s career on track.

Once convinced of a career as a chef the first step should be to get formal culinary training – this fast-track a prospective chef to the top. Renowned restaurants, lodges and hotels look more favorably at CV’s that states formal chef’s training. This shows prospective employers that the candidate is serious and committed to a chef’s career. Most cooking establishments are also familiar with the quality and standard of the different training institutes. Prue Leith Chef’s Academy is one such institute that is internationally renowned for the high standard of their Graduates. Part of their training in the final semester sees students working in some of the top restaurant in South Africa as well as in countries like Dubai, Ireland and England. Many Graduates are offered full-time placements at these establishments and set off to a high energy career as a full-time chef.