Chefs Training College

A Chefs Training College Equipped for the Future.

Prue Leith Culinary Institute is an ultra-modern chefs training college based in Centurion, South Africa. We at the Prue Leith Culinary Institute offer a variety of courses on our campus and have recently also listed short courses online. The campus facilities that make these amazing courses possible comprise of a functioning restaurant, a main training kitchen, a specialised patisserie kitchen, lecture rooms, and a student library.

Prue Leith Culinary Institute has spared no expense on the facilities available to its students at the chefs training college, which include new kitchens and lecture facilities, cementing the culinary institute in the top echelons of culinary education.

Our Kitchen Facilities for Students

The primary kitchen for the students’ practical training is a cutting-edge facility and is aptly named “Training Kitchen” or “T1”. It boasts twenty state-of-the-art cooking stations for students. It is in this space that students are taught the foundational essentials of cookery. The stations include: Electrolux Professional gas hobs, undercounter fridges, prep basins with hot and cold water, induction cookers, KitchenAid Mixers, portion scales, and a full set of smalls equipment, and pots and pans. Further kitchen facilities include two high-tech Electrolux Professional Air-o-Steam gas convection ovens and an Electrolux Professional Blast Chiller. Not shying away from the future, the kitchen is equipped with an audiovisual suite, microphones for presentations, large LCD screens, and a camera that captures everything the teacher prepares.

The second of the three training kitchens on campus is the “Patisserie Kitchen” or “T2”. Like the primary kitchen, the Patisserie Kitchen is also equipped with audiovisual capabilities to enhance the learning experience for the student chefs. This facility has ten stations equipped with the necessary equipment needed for the art of patisserie. This is composed of gas hobs, induction cookers, KitchenAid Mixers, portion scales, the necessary pots and pans, and smalls equipment.

The Restaurant Kitchen is divided into three sections: hot kitchen, cold kitchen, and pastry kitchen. The students, in their second Commis semester, man the three divisions of the kitchen under the tutelage of the college’s chef lecturers. The restaurant is currently open to the public for lunches, dinners, and home dinners.

Chefs Training College Lecturing Facilities

The theoretical aspects of all the courses are taught in two forty-seater lecture rooms, which double as examination and event venues. The lecture rooms are also equipped with audiovisual suites and have full Wi-Fi connectivity. Supplementing the theory component of the course is the campus student library. Reading and research are encouraged to produce well-rounded graduates from the college. The library houses everything a budding culinary genius could need: up to date publications from around the food world, multimedia resources, and internet access to keep abreast of food trends from all the world’s gastronomic centres.

The courses offered at Prue Leith Culinary Institute range from providing the amateur cook with a one-day course in baking, to full-time courses that turn the potential cook into an amazing and qualified chef. To find out more about what is available at Prue Leith Culinary Institute, contact us today or join us for the next open day or evening.