Cooking Classes with Prue Leith College

Prue Leith Catering Company was started in April of 2005, when the 200 square metre industry-leading kitchen was opened in an attractive commercial estate in Centurion. Situated only 2,5 km from the Centurion campus, Johannesburg and Pretoria are both only 20 away, making it convenient for students to access. This facility not only provides an upmarket and exclusive catering service, but also offers short cooking classes by special arrangement. These cooking classes can be tailored to suite your specific needs, whether you are interested in focusing on a style of cooking, such as Italian or making sushi, or would like to learn how to prepare a specific dish, such at Thai Curry. These groups normally consist of a minimum of 14 people and classes are held either during the day or evening. Prue Leith College is one of the leading culinary schools in South Africa, with their graduates being much sought-after by all types of establishments in the cooking industry. Anyone who is interested in taking cooking classes on a more intensive basis, and as a starting point to a cooking career, should enrol in the Prue Leith College of Food and Wine Diploma course. During this 18-month course, student will receive cooking classes that will enable them to prepare a wide variety of dishes, including international, vegetarian, and traditional South African dishes. They will also be taught to correctly prepare fish, meat and a wide variety of desserts. Bush cooking is included in the curriculum in order to prepare students for work in game lodges.

Prue Leith College believes that academic knowledge can only properly be fixed in the mind of the student by means of intensive practical application, and all students are entered into the work roster of the Prue Leith restaurant, located on the college premises in Centurion, where they will be closely involved in the running of the restaurant. The restaurant is also made available for special functions, such as weddings, meetings, birthday parties and conferences, which allow students to receive cooking classes and gain experience in catering for a wide variety of functions and occasions. In addition to the classes in cooking and kitchen management the students will receive at the college, they will also be placed at some of South Africa’s top restaurants, hotels and game lodges for practical internships during the second and third semesters of the course. Here they will gain even more exposure to different working environments and cooking styles, ensuring that, once they have completed their course, all students will have a firm and comprehensive understanding of the cooking industry. Graduates will be able to demonstrate their skills immediately in any sector of the industry they choose to enter, and will have gained sufficient experience to start their culinary careers with confidence.