Cooking Lessons and Learning to Cook

It’s All about Cooking Lessons at Prue Leith

Are you afraid of doing anything more than boiling a pot of water in the kitchen because you don’t know the first thing about cooking or the processes involved? Does the mere thought of what might emerge once you’ve tried your hand at producing a palatable dish terrify you?

Learning and Lessons

Moreover, you may be too embarrassed about your lack of culinary knowledge and skills to seek out cooking lessons, since this is sure to expose your perceived inabilities to a group of complete strangers. You should keep in mind that cooking skills are acquired by learning and taking lessons. A bit of trial and error, constructive criticism, and guidance are usually involved – and essential – in the learning process.

Greater Ambitions

Perhaps you have greater ambitions. You religiously watch cookery shows and competitions on TV and are envious of what professional and amateur chefs conjure up in the kitchen. You may have an enduring passion for all things related to the art and science of cooking well and with confidence. Yet, you have no confidence in your own creative food-preparation abilities and you may harbour a burning ambition to join the league of professional chefs – but you don’t have a clue how or where to start. It really doesn’t matter to which group you presently belong or what your cookery goals or ambitions may be, because help is at hand to transform you into the cook and/or achieve the level of cookery you wish to attain. First and foremost, you must remember that everyone, even a Michelin-starred chef, has to start somewhere, often from a position of a total novice.

How and Where

The “how” and “where” can be effectively and easily addressed by attending a combination of practical and theoretical lessons, as presented at South Africa’s top culinary school – the Prue Leith Chefs Academy in Irene, Centurion, near Pretoria in Gauteng. Although the prestigious Prue Leith school is best known as one of the country’s top culinary academies that has been educating and training outstandingly talented, top professional chefs with the skills to compete and excel internationally, we offer a great deal more nowadays.

We also provide a collection of post-graduate courses, plus an extensive range of intensive short-course cooking lessons for home or amateur cooks. We also welcome those who think that they’re clueless in the kitchen but want to learn and equip themselves with the knowledge and capability of producing both simple and more complex delights in their own kitchens.

Cooking Lesson Venues and Facilities

On campus, the Prue Leith Chefs Academy features two fully equipped, modern training kitchens that are utilised for full-time, professional and short-programme cooking lessons. T1 has 20 individual stations, while T2, a patisserie kitchen, is equipped with 10 pastry-making stations. The third is a restaurant kitchen, dedicated to food preparation for the Prue Leith Restaurant and to service to fine-dining, paying guests.

Two 40-seater lecture rooms, equipped with the latest AV suites, Wi-Fi connectivity, and industrial-duty air-conditioning, plus an exceptionally well-appointed student library, complete the lesson venues and facilities at this leading cooking school – your culinary academy of choice.