Fun Country Based Team Building Cooking Evenings

Team building cooking events are the latest dish on the menu of teambuilding parties whether for corporate events or simply for the sake of having fun. Prue Leith is perhaps the best place in Gauteng to host a teambuilding cooking event simply because we know how to create visually attractive spaces, have the atmosphere and offer superb coaching as well as world-class facilities.

Team building cooking events are ideal means to break down social barriers. There are no departments and certainly no formalities when the cooking juices begin to flow. Creativity is stimulated without even having to work at it. With the Prue Leith team building cooking events, the main dish on the menu is fun. Our restaurant is one of the best in the country and the chefs here are world-class.

Stylish fun and loads of creativity are gained from an evening of cooking at Prue Leith. We offer several options ensuring team building with cooking events that are tailored to fit your taste. If you fancy the idea of learning how to prepare stunning Asian foods then you will love the Manchurian, Cantonese, Indochinese, and Shinto kitchens. For the Balkan feeling you can opt for the Ottoman kitchen with dishes from Greece and Turkey.


How Does The Team Building Cooking Event Work?

We divide the delegates into groups of five and they team up against the other teams to prepare culinary delights from the particular kitchen selected. They will learn the cultural undertones, the way the foods are enjoyed and also the presentation of foods for the culture.

After such an event the delegates not only will have socialised or have learned to cook specific cuisine, but will also have an understanding of the culinary traditions of the particular culture. Contact us to make your booking for an eventful <b>team building cooking</b> evening.