Get To Enjoy And Cook Prue Leith Recipes

Prue Leith is regarded by the cookery world with awe and admiration. Since being awarded an OBE in 1989, Veuve-Cliquot Business-Woman of the Year in 1990, and seven honorary degrees or fellowships from UK Universities, Prue Leith is undoubtedly one of the most respected “foodies’ in the world. Prue Leith recipes have filled 12 cookery books and have been tried and tested in thousands of homes all around the world.

Prue Leith recipes are known for their use of fresh ingredients, masterful combinations of flavours and colours and incredible appeal to all tastes. Her attention to detail, dedication to excellence and culinary creativity is honoured at the academy that bears her name – the Prue Leith Chefs Academy. This prestigious chefs academy embodies all of the attributes that Prue Leith holds dear. Students of this academy are taught according to a curriculum that has been overseen by Prue Leith herself. Based on the classical French method, the curriculum is a comprehensive and well-rounded and ensures that the students are armed with a multitude of skills and a qualification that is highly sought after. The course is designed to ensure that the graduates are prepared to enter the highly pressurised world of cookery armed with the skills and know-how to cope and exceed.

Combined with the theoretical aspect of the training is exceptional practical training which takes place at the well-equipped on-site kitchen and the award-winning Prue Leith Restaurant. Here, under the watchful eye of top-class chefs, students are allowed to be creative and learn how to cope under pressure in a “real’ environment. This restaurant has been acclaimed as one of the top 100 in South Africa and diners are treated to recipes created by students as well as some of the famous Prue Leith recipes.

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