Attend an Internationally Rated Cooking Academy in the Heart of Gauteng

Although some may be unaware of it, an internationally-rated cooking academy was established in the Gauteng city of Centurion back in 1997. More significantly, during the intervening 17 years, the facility has repeatedly established itself as the finest training centre for chefs in South Africa. Its graduates are so well-respected by owners and managers within the hospitality industry that it has become common practice for many employers within this arena, who require staff with proven culinary expertise, to stipulate that applicants should have conducted their chef’s training at this prestigious establishment. Indeed many such employers now exclusively rely upon the school’s website for their recruitment needs.

So who is this illustrious academy? Prue Leith, of course. While our facilities are quite exceptional, it is the international status of our qualifications that serves to provide learners with the proverbial cherry on top. The international recognition of our diplomas can, to quite a large extent, be attributed to our world-famous patron, Prue Leith CBE. Herself, a world-renowned TV chef, Michelin starred restaurateur and Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year, she graciously broke the habit of a lifetime and allowed her name to be adopted by our Gauteng-based cooking academy, which has become equally famous.

Prue supervised the drafting of the curriculum, thus ensuring that its content and the facilities of the institution would meet the requirements of a City and Guilds of London examination centre, and so enable our learners to gain that all-important international recognition. Born in South Africa, although residing in the UK, Prue visits the school annually and still participates in all the major decision-making of the establishment which, incidentally, was first known as the Prue Leith College of Food and Wine.

Aside from our association with such a leading figure in the culinary world, there are many other good reasons why Prue Leith has achieved such exceptional success. Why have so many of our graduates found employment in some of the world’s most famous kitchens, such as those of the inimitable Gordon Ramsay and the so-called “Naked Chef”, Jamie Oliver?

Perhaps the most important factor in our success is dedication. Our founders and teaching staff are drawn from some of the nation’s top hotels and restaurants. They are not merely highly experienced and well-qualified, but also totally driven by one common goal – to help South Africa’s young chefs achieve their full potential both at home and around the globe.

The facilities for study and practical work are the equal of those anywhere in the world and include an extensive library of both print and audio-visual publications. The collection includes Art Culinaire, Cuisine & Wine Asia and many other leading international culinary journals and magazines. Practical facilities consist of both a training kitchen and a main kitchen, each equipped to the highest international standards. The former provides 20 workstations for learners in their 1st Commis Semester, while the main facility is divided into hot, cold and pastry sections, where 2nd Commis Semester students complete their chosen course of training under the eye of our lecturers.

Theory sessions for the various courses, which include diplomas in the culinary arts and wine, Italian cuisine and patisserie, are all conducted in a fully-equipped and air conditioned auditorium that is designed to accommodate up to 40 learners in comfort at this world-class cooking academy