Meat Fabrication Short Courses

From Meat Fabrication to Basic Baking, Our Short Courses Will Refine Your Skills

Not everyone has the time and finances to pursue their dreams of culinary greatness. In fact, between responsibilities at work and at home, many individuals miss out on doing what they really love – refining and mastering their skills in the kitchen. There are even a few topics that at-home cooks might avoid altogether, such as meat fabrication and seafood preparation, as it simply seems far too complex to navigate without formal guidance. This is where short courses are so useful, as they condense plenty of useful information into a short period of time, making these skills far more accessible to most people.

Why Short Courses Are Sought After

Ideally, one would be able to study towards the qualification of one’s choice, but this is not always possible for everyone. Here at the Prue Leith Culinary Institute, we continue to invest in our full-time and part-time students, but we do understand that high-quality training for everyone should be accessible, too. As the top culinary school in South Africa, we have spent years developing our programmes for aspiring chefs, pâtissiers, and masters of cuisine. We have also extended this same expertise to our short courses, and made skills such as meat fabrication, cake decorating, and even elegant plating available to anyone seeking to improve their culinary competency. Some benefits of our short courses include:

  • Students who already work full-time and have other responsibilities can set a few days aside to participate in the course.
  • It is a far more affordable option for students who are still saving up for formal training and qualifications.
  • Some individuals do not want to study towards a certification, but rather wish to focus on a specific skill such as dessert making or meat fabrication.
  • Qualified chefs sometimes benefit from refresher courses, especially when starting in a new line of work or seeking to diversify their career opportunities.
  • It is a fantastic starting point for young students who are not sure yet about the career path they wish to follow. Enrolling for a few shorter programmes can give them a better idea if food preparation really is their passion in life.
  • It is also excellent for students who are interested in food preparation but want to find their favoured niche, which can include more specialised skills in pastry making or cake decorating.
  • Some people simply wish to impress friends and family for special occasions such as the Christmas holidays or a birthday, and so a short course offers a way to learn certain kitchen skills more quickly.

What Programmes We Offer

Whether you are seeking meat fabrication short courses, a one-day programme on summer salads, or something more challenging, such as menu planning, we have an option available for you. Our shorter courses span either one day, two days, or five days. You are also free to select topics like:

  • Mastering Meat with basic cooking and fabrication techniques
  • Festive Baking and Decorating for Christmas and Easter
  • Valrhona Chocolate and Sugar Confections for students with a sweet tooth
  • Secrets of Seafood to learn the fundamentals of preparation of seafood dishes

We also have many more short programmes available, so be sure to contact us to find out when they are being run.