New Year’s Resolutions – Short Courses Available

Include Prue Leith’s Short Courses in your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make New Year’s resolutions for 2017? Have you persevered and stuck to them – thus far? Or have you quit and given up on your good intentions? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. People have been making and breaking New Year’s resolutions ever since the days of the ancient Babylonians and Romans.

Changing Ways

If you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with any aspects of your life, you may resolve to address these issues by making a commitment to change your ways and do better in the New Year, which is a time for new beginnings and a fresh chance to live a better life, as it were. The New Year is a thus regarded as a time to improve, grow, and advance. In certain circumstances, such as breaking a nicotine habit or losing weight (two of the most commonplace resolutions), you need a considerable amount of self-discipline and determination to succeed. Established patterns of behaviour are notoriously hard to cast aside. Deliberately changing one’s habits by replacing them with a new, healthy activity or interest is a recommended, effective way of breaking a longstanding habit while also improving your quality of life.

Take Short Courses

It’s not a magic bullet, because no such thing exists, but here’s a self-improvement suggestion – take one or more of the short courses that are available at Prue Leith Chefs Academy. Make these fun programmes part of your New Year’s resolutions and embark on a whole new chapter of your life and lifestyle. You may regard short culinary courses as therapy, a way to learn how to prepare and eat healthier, more interesting, and tastier meals, or you and your group of friends may simply want to share a new hobby and set of skills.

Short Courses Available in 2017:

  • Basic baking – for anyone who thinks baking is beyond them.
  • Delicious deli – how to cook with and serve deli products.
  • Fabulous fish – such a delicious, healthy source of protein that most people love to eat, but don’t know how to prepare. Learn basic cooking methods, flavour pairings, and accompaniments.
  • Veld fine dining – designed for lodge owners, from menu planning with limited supplies, outdoor cooking, and venison preparation to characteristic South African veld cuisine.
  • Menu planning, plating and trends – for chefs, restaurant owners and managers
  • Versatile vegetables – seasonal selections, innovative preparation, pairings, side dishes, and veggie main courses.
  • Art of pasta and sauces – how to prepare and choose appropriate sauces for a variety of pastas, making your own authentic pasta, and correct serving and eating etiquette.
  • Advanced cake decorating.
  • Sugar craft.
  • Bread baking.
  • The art of tarts.

Unless otherwise indicated, certain short courses are suitable for professional chefs and home cooks, while a few are designed specifically for chefs who’d like to brush up on and refresh their skills. All conform with Prue Leith’s professional standards.

Good Resolutions, Great Benefits

You’ve everything to gain and nothing to lose by enrolling for Prue Leith’s short courses and including them in your resolutions during 2017, (except perhaps, a little extra weight or the harmful habit of smoking). Our short courses really take up very little of your time, despite being presented by top culinary professionals in a professional environment. You’d expect nothing less from the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, would you?