Outdoor Cooking Classes

At first arrival your team will be divided into groups of five. Each team will be required to choose a colour and create a design on their chef’s hat, which we will provide, before the debriefing will commence.

During the debriefing of our outdoor cooking classes the teams will be explained what will be expected of them. It will be required that each team make one potjie from either oxtail or lamb knuckle, one vegetable potjie and one starch potjie. We will provide you with everything you need, including recipes, ingredients, wood, coal, firelighters, matches and grills. Once the fires are made the food preparation will begin in our kitchens with the help of one our student chefs assigned to each group. While the potjies are cooking we will demonstrate how to make your own boerewors, which will then be braaied and served with the potjies. When the time comes for seasoning the potjies, each team will present their potjies as a buffet after which everybody will be able to enjoy, with pride, the delicious meal that they have prepared.

Should you require further information or would like to book our outdoor cooking classes as your teambuilding event, contact us today and we will provide you with all the details you might require.