Pastry School

There are probably no schools in South Africa that can specifically claim to be a pastry school, but the nearest you can get to it is without doubt the Prue Leith Chef’s Academy, which includes a comprehensive outline of the pastry chef or pâtissier, his duties and responsibilities and many of his dishes in its curriculum. The curriculum includes a large section that is entirely made up of the various sub headings that fall under patisserie, and this is why you can safely say that Prue Leith’s is the best pastry school in the country.

The Diploma Course content at the Prue Leith Chef’s Academy is particularly comprehensive and includes such subjects as table decorating, flower arranging and cake icing. The main food headings covered are entremetier, saucier & rotisseur, poissonier, farinaceous, garde-manger and patisserie. Pastry falls under Patisserie in the school’s Diploma Course. Students learn about the responsibilities of a pastry chef at school. His duties can include menu planning, costing, and ordering. The pastry chef normally prepares desserts in advance, whereas the actual plating is done by a garde-manger. Students at the college often find themselves working in the college’s own restaurant, Prue Leith’s, from as early as their second week. One of the college’s way of thinking is that academic knowledge should be put into practice as soon as possible by giving students extensive exposure to the working place. Students occupy every position in the restaurant with the exception of Restaurant Manager, and get to spend further two-month periods at selected restaurants, lodges and hotels to get even more exposure to working conditions.

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