Prue Leith Academy

What is so special about the Prue Leith Academy? What makes so many establishments advertising for catering staff insist in their adverts that only graduates holding Prue Leith Academy Diplomas need apply? The fact is, this chef’s school has a formidable reputation the world over, and a diploma from this college is worth its weight in gold. Prue Leith is a world-renowned culinary expert and was awarded the Order of the British Empire for her services to the Catering Industry in the United Kingdom. Thecollege has a board of advisors whose job it is to keep a close eye on exactly what is required by the catering industry. They comprise Dr Billy Gallagher, an exceptional chef who is the Director of Operations for Southern Sun, Gwynne Conlyn, who is a well known local radio personality and author, Rudi Liebenberg, a member of the South African Olympic Culinary team, Headmaster Bill Schroeder and, of course, Prue Leith herself.

The Prue Leith Academy is the only chef’s training establishment in South Africa that has its own fine dining restaurant (ranked in the top 100 in South Africa and the top 20 in Gauteng) as well as a fully equipped demonstration kitchen that allows for hands-on experience on site. The syllabus at this college is extremely comprehensive and even includes a Finance module that is delivered by some of Johannesburg’s top business executives. Students work with only the best of ingredients, some of which are specially imported for the college. Students graduating from the Prue Leith Academy have enough knowledge and experience to be able to start their own restaurants. No wonder they are so sought after in the trade.