What to Expect from Prue Leith Chef School

Life is always full of surprises, but it’s wise if aspirant chefs have some idea of what to expect from Prue Leith Chef School or another before embarking on a training program. In order to make an informed decision about where to study, there are many factors to consider and questions to ask and have answered.

If you love food, are fascinated by its preparation and presentation and aspire to become a chef, you’ve probably realised that your need training and a qualification if you’re to succeed and reach the top of your chosen profession. Not all culinary schools are the same nor do they have identical reputations in the industry.

Training understandably costs money and wasting it by not getting full value represents a waste of time too, so some research should be undertaken into prospective options. What accreditation does the school’s qualification carry? By whom and where is it accepted? How does the hospitality industry rate the institution?

It’s advisable to join a training facility that is well established and has been operating successfully for some time. What courses are offered? Are their kitchens fully equipped with all the tools of the trade? What are class sizes?

Lecturers play a vital role in a chef school. They not only need to share and impart their knowledge to students but need to do so with a passion for their subjects, because the environment and participants are all highly creative, enthusiastic people who want to excel to the epicurean delight of diners.

Practical, hands-on experience in a real restaurant while studying at chef school is essential to prepare aspirant chefs for the pressures under which professional kitchens operate, which can be truly extreme. It takes a love of food and huge dedication to thrive and innovate under such pressures.

Only sound experience enables one to cope with these high demands, which are mental, emotional and physical in nature. It’s also one thing to present and plate meals in the sanctity of the kitchen, but quite another to do so for paying diners, who expect fine food, simultaneously placed before all guests at the table.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding, multi-award winning on-site fine dining restaurant at our academy, where all catering is done by students. Here, we take bookings for a la carte dining and we have various function menu options, for everything from wedding receptions to business functions or a romantic dinner for two.

Service takes place in our dining room, on the terrace overlooking glorious gardens or in the gardens themselves, depending on the weather and season. Menus vary regularly. Fine dining is never complete without wine pairing and students are proud to offer our guests pairing recommendations from our Diamond Award wine list.

Patron of our chef school, world famous Prue Leith, is proud to lend her name to our training institution, which was established to provide world class training in 1997 and has grown from strength to strength since then. This privileged association with her is only made possible by maintaining consistently high standards.

Prue attests that we have the correct model for a successful chef school – a high accolade from such an accomplished lady, who recognises the value of training, equipping and empowering others to build a successful career.

Our City & Guilds qualifications are accredited internationally, meaning that our graduates can work anywhere in the world. Intensive courses at our chef school include the Grande Diploma in Culinary Arts and Wine, ALMA “Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine” and Diplomas in either Culinary Arts or Patisserie.

Even our graduates who prefer to seek employment locally are snapped up by the hospitality industry, which recognises their talents and the standards to which they’ve been trained. When you’ve undertaken a little research, you’ll know what to expect from Prue Leith chef school – only the best training from the leading institution.