Prue Leith’s Professional Cooking Lessons

Prue Leith’s Professional Cooking Lessons for Non-Professional Cooks

The renowned Prue Leith Chefs Academy is conveniently located in Centurion, between Pretoria and Midrand in South Africa’s Gauteng province. Our prestigious culinary facility has built its reputation and standing as the top culinary school in this country on the quality of its training, its standards of excellence, and the range of professional, full-time chefs’ courses that it offers to both aspiring and qualified chefs who wish to excel in this very challenging and creative field.

Change Is Constant

In the culinary world, there is one constant: demands and trends change. In response, and as an industry leader, the Prue Leith Chefs Academy remains at the forefront of training professional chefs, constantly updating the culinary courses on offer, as well as our campus training facilities. Recently, we invested R10 500 000 in improvements to our training kitchens and lecture venues. We have also responded to the increasing demand for cooking lessons for amateur cooks eager to improve their skills in the kitchen, as well as those who have never cooked before. Many of these people are looking for first-class cooking lessons, professionally presented by lecturers in a professional kitchen environment where they can learn and practice what they are taught. They need help in the form of short, professional cooking lessons, ideally those of their choice, as offered by the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, the top training facility of its kind in the country.

Professional Kitchen Environment

Our team of lecturers, each one an experienced culinary expert with a penchant and passion for sharing their wealth of expertise and experience, apply the same dedication to the non-professional cooks and bakers who enrol for their chosen practical and informative short Prue Leith cooking lesson. The classes are conducted in our fully equipped, on-campus, professional training kitchens, ensuring that the learners experience and enjoy the same professional environment as do our full-time chef students.

Our Current Collection of Short Cooking Lessons:

  • Masterclass: Frozen Feast – the art of iced dessert.
  • Masterclass: Mastering Magnificent Macaroons.
  • Masterclass: The Gateau Opera.
  • Masterclass: Classic Beef Wellington.
  • Masterclass: The Art of Fermentation.
  • Certificate in Sugar Craft.
  • Advanced Cakes and Decorations.
  • Taming Fire: Mastering the Art of Braaiing.
  • Meet Your Kitchen.
  • Kitchens of the World.
  • Valentines Couples Cooking.
  • Summer Salads.
  • Passionate About Poultry.
  • Fabulous Fish.
  • Basic Baking.
  • Valrhona Chocolate & Sugar Confections.
  • Secrets of Seafood.
  • Menu Planning, Plating and Trends.
  • Versatile Vegetables.
  • Art of Bread Baking.
  • Art of Tarts.
  • Art of Pasta & Sauces.
  • Festive Baking & Decorating: Christmas.
  • Festive Baking & Decorating: Easter.

Occasionally, and depending on demand or new culinary trends, our collection of fabulous, fun cooking lessons vary, so keep an eye on the Prue Leith Chefs Academy website’s Short Courses page, where you will find information on the lessons and their applicable dates, times, and fees. There is a total of 24 short/part-time cooking lessons for anyone with a passion for fine food and delicious dishes that are sure to be a hit with your family and guests – and you too – because there is nothing like the satisfaction and reward of knowing that you have created an amazing dish with confidence the Prue Leith professional way.