Scaling A Cooking Career’s Ladder of Success

Scaling A Cooking Career’s Ladder of Success

If you live in South Africa and are passionate about all things related to food, its preparation, and presentation, why not make an occupation of this passion? Although a chef’s working hours can be long and the job tough, it will be the satisfaction and pleasure of creating masterful delights in the kitchen that will stay with you. If you have turned your cooking training into a fulfilling career, instead of regarding it merely as a way to earn an income, you will know exactly what we mean. Our inspirational patron, Prue Leith CBE, has done just that. She began her now-illustrious and very diverse career as a chef, progressing to running a Michelin-starred restauranteur in London. Thereafter, Prue’s career achievements diversified even further. Now, her name (also the name of our cooking academy) is synonymous with innovative food courses and world-class fine dining.

Fundamental Foundation

Enrolling for one or more of Prue Leith’s professional chef training courses is the best way of building a successful cooking career as a chef in this country. The prestigious Prue Leith Chefs Academy’s courses are the foundation of many a professional cook’s career, as attested by numerous gurus in the hospitality industry who have been instrumental in spreading the word about our reputation as the top culinary school in South Africa.

Progressing up the Career Ladder

Establishing a successful cooking career comprises a progression of steps. If the foundation and training are sound, it is relatively straightforward to progress up the ladder of your cooking career to success. Prue Leith’s school of cooking and our comprehensive curricula are designed to take you to the top, providing that you’re committed to your craft.

Prue Leith’s South African Professional Training Courses

  • Occupational Certificate: Chef – 3 years full-time; requires matric (Grade 12) or equivalent.
  • ALMA “Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine” – 19 months full-time; requires matric or equivalent, designed for two options – A for novices or B for qualified chefs, and requiring an additional training course to specialise in Italian cuisine.
  • Introduction to Professional Cookery – 1 year full-time; requires matric, ideally with a 60% average or higher.
  • Professional Patisserie – 18 months full-time; requires matric or equivalent.
  • Professional Patisserie – 6 months full-time, for those already in possession of at least a City & Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Food Preparation & Cooking.

All these programmes have two annual intakes – in January and July. The Specialist courses, as listed hereunder, indicate when the respective annual intakes occur:

  • Professional Patisserie – 6 months full-time, as above – January and July intakes.
  • ALMA “Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine – 10 months full-time with two options – A with no professional culinary experience or qualification or B – for those already in possession of a minimum City & Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Food Preparation & Cooking, plus successful completion of a 3-hour practical exam that evaluates the candidate’s level of skill. Its annual intake is at the end of September.

If you want the best possible chance to secure a successful cooking career, arrange your enrolment at Prue Leith now, before these training courses are fully subscribed.