South Africa’s Premier Food Academy

South Africa’s Premier Food Academy

No one questions the fact that food is an absolute necessity to sustain life, second only to water. However, there is a great deal more to life and sustenance than merely having acceptably digestible, nutritional, and palatable foodstuffs with which to do so. This is especially true at the Prue Leith Chefs Academy, as well as the broader hospitality industry that our successful graduates enter, much to the delight of diners who visit the establishments where Prue Leith alumni create their magical, innovative culinary masterpieces – fine-dining fare that is a feast for the eyes, palate, and other senses.

Recognised, Respected Excellence – Approved by Prue Leith CBE

Our food academy, which admitted its very first intake of students in 1997, one year after its founding, was named after the renowned Prue Leith CBE. The academy’s three founders wanted a name which was instantly recognisable, respected, and known for and associated with top standards of excellence in the world of food, its preparation, and fine dining. They wanted Prue Leith’s name. Fortunately, Prue approved of their ethos, beliefs, curricula, and business plan. For the first time ever, Prue approved the use of her name for a chefs’ training facility, now widely reputed to be the top culinary school in South Africa.

Our Close Association

This was, and continues to be, a source of great pride to our school, our lecturers, and our alumni, who benefit from their association with our culinary school and, by implication, with Prue, who allowed us to use her highly respected name. Prue visits the school at regular intervals, keeping our association close and personal. We also engage with her when it is time to make significant decisions about our facility and all it offers to our part- and full-time students, graduates, and the culinary industry in South Africa and beyond.

Opportunities Abroad

Many of our food-academy graduates have gone on to pursue successful careers abroad that include working in the professional kitchens of restaurants owned by various internationally renowned chefs. Some of these restaurants are Michelin-starred, as was Prue’s own London-based one. Prue has received additional influential awards, notably both an OBE and subsequent CBE. In fact, the has a most impressive CV, which includes:

  • Michelin star – awarded to some top fine-dining restaurants only;
  • MBE – Member of the Order of the British Empire;
  • OBE – Officer of the Order of the British Empire; and
  • CBE – Commander of the Order of the British Empire, the highest-ranked order.

Food Academy’s Restaurant

The Prue Leith Restaurant in South Africa is located on the same premises as our food academy. Here, our students practise their creativity and the range of culinary skills which they have learnt at the school’s training facilities, perfecting the practical, hands-on aspects of their craft.

Diners are paying customers and discerning lovers of great cuisine, who gladly make restaurant reservations to indulge in their appreciation of fine, gourmet foods, prepared in a professional kitchen. There is one name that stands out above all other food academies on the South African top culinary-school scene, and that is the one and only Prue Leith Chefs Academy.