Sushi Catering

Prue Leith Catering often gets asked for specialist types of cooking from all over the world, and one of the items frequently asked for is Sushi catering. Many people have the mistaken belief that the Japanese word sushi means raw fish – in fact is a short-grained rice dish prepared with a mixture of rice-vinegar, sugar, salt, seaweed and sometimes sake, and is served at body heat. Sushi is usually served with a number of different toppings that give the name to different dishes. These may include a variety of types of raw fish, but may also include prawns, algae, seaweed, meat, vegetables, mushrooms or eggs. Sushi catering is a specialised craft as the dishes are prepared with elaborate care, and presentation to the diner is usually most precise.

Sushi catering is not to everyone’s taste, but it does offer a taste of the oriental and a change from mundane restaurant food. The training of a Sushi catering chef is long and thorough, and sushi food is included in the training given to students at Prue Leith Chef’s Academy in Centurion.

Prue Leith Catering is an offshoot of the Academy and specialises in all types of catering, large and small. They can certainly include sushi in any of their event menus. If you would like sushi included in the event you’re planning you should mention it when you first contact Prue Leith Catering and they’ll be happy to include a dish or even make up a menu entirely of sushi dishes. If you’ve never tried this type of Japanese food you will find plenty of sushi restaurants in and around the Johannesburg area where you can try it out.