The Best Of Culinary Arts Schools

The Prue Leith Chef Academy and Culinary School has been rated as one of the finest culinary arts schools in South Africa by top chefs and culinary specialists. Several aspects set us apart from other culinary art schools including:

  • Our creative spirit
  • Dedication by the professional lecturers
  • Student dedication and discipline
  • Superior standards regarding training
  • World-class facilities and equipment
  • Longstanding traditions
  • Expertise offered
  • Passion for culinary excellence

The above values and characteristics combined are what dedicated students want in a culinary arts school. Our chef academy is known world-wide for the high standards of education offered, putting us amongst the top culinary arts schools of the world.

Prue Leith is not only one of the leading culinary arts schools, but is also unique in the sense that it has been the choice of training for several of the world’s top chefs. Some of the chefs that trained at Prue Leith have also worked in the kitchens of celebrities including the Roux brothers, Jamie Oliver’s, and yes, also Gordon Ramsay’s.

We monitor the standard of training at Prue Leith and endeavour to strive for better every year. This is what makes us unique. We don’t rely on training methods of yesterday, but look for ways to improve upon the old while keeping that which is good. As such we don’t throw away traditions for the new, but use technology to enhance on the old.

Our reputation as one of the preferred culinary arts schools precedes us even in job classifieds where on numerous occasions we have seen ads stating that only Prue Leith graduates will be accepted for the job openings.

Prue Leith believes in quality not only when it comes to the use of equipment and facilities, but also when it comes to ingredients. As such we import some of the finest ingredients for superb cuisine from around the world, giving our students a taste of what it is like to work in the top culinary establishments of the world.

Contact us today for more information and join the many chef trainees at Prue Leith as one of the top culinary arts schools in the country.