The Culinary Art of Pan African Cooking

Pan African cooking is a culinary art that is growing in popularity; not only in South Africa with visiting tourists but also overseas when these tourists return to their homelands with a great appreciation for Pan African food. Being a culinary art and not something overseas chefs come across during their training; there is a definite demand for chefs that are familiar with this culinary art.

This culinary art of Pan African cooking makes use of ingredients that are indigenous to Africa like butternut (an African pumpkin) and Game like impala, kudu and ostrich meat. A mixture of African, European and Asian culinary arts are used when preparing the food.

Anna Trapido, author of the book “The Banquetting House” is a master in Pan African culinary art. Her recipes for”Ghanian guinea fowl,” “Tunisian duck breast with walnut, pistachio and pomegranate salad” and “South African Rooibos-marinated quail with fried sweet potato julienne” have the reader’s mouth watering. Prue Leith chef’s Academy in Centurion, Gauteng is privileged to have Anna Trapido as a full-time lecturer teaching students the culinary art of Pan African cooking.

As part of the training in Pan African cooking students learn about bush cooking as well – a culinary art much appreciated at lodges across South Africa. Graduates are privileged to be adding training in this trendy culinary art to their CV’s.