The Evolution of Gourmet Food

The French term “Gourmet” was used to describe a wine broker (taste-vin) employed by wine dealers. The term has evolved and nowadays describes beverages as well as food of high and premium quality. Often rare ingredients are used in the preparation of gourmet foods. The preparation and presentation is done with great dedication and care and this makes gourmet food such a visual and taste sensation.

The gourmet food movement evolved out of the division between the gourmet tastes and the popular aversion to “fancy food” – the latter preferring so-called “fast foods” above more expensive gourmet foods. Recently there has been a tremendous growth in restaurants that serves gourmet food. This can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Rising incomes
  • Globalization of tastes in food
  • Health and nutritional concerns about “fast food”

These factors had a domino effect on the Gourmet food industry. Magazines are for sale that brings “foodies” up to date on the latest trend in gourmet food preparation. Individual foods like coffee are often divided into standard and gourmet quality.

Television station has dedicated “Food Channels” where gourmet chefs show viewers how to prepare scrumptious, gourmet food in the comfort of their own homes.

The latest tourism trend is Gourmet Tours. The aim of these is to have a gastronomical exploration of a foreign country’s gourmet food. Tourists visit all sorts of restaurants in the quest to experience the most divine gourmet food on offer. Some of these tours include hands-on cooking classes presented by gourmet chefs.
Culinary institutes like Prue Leith Chef’s Academy focus on giving prospective chefs comprehensive training in the art of gourmet food preparation and presentation.