The Right Chef Qualifications Provide You With A Competitive Edge

Many chefs in the culinary industry have started their careers as cooks in restaurants and at one time or another realised that they wanted to become specialised chefs. As such they need to improve their chef qualifications.

Selecting the right chef school for the purpose is essential as not all chef qualifications are equal. The person wishing to work in the top culinary establishments around the world will also need to be armed with a chef qualification that is widely recognised and sought-after.

The chef world is a competitive place to be and natural talent will only bring you to a certain point. For the all important promotions and eventually becoming the head chef will require some superior chef qualifications together with extensive experience.

Starting your career path in the right way, becomes all the more important when considering that having the right chef qualifications can mean the difference between having to work at mediocre establishments and becoming well-known in the industry because you have worked in some of the top kitchens in the world.

Prue Leith makes it possible for school leavers and experienced cooks to gain some of the most sought after chef qualifications not only in South Africa, but world-wide. Our training programs are intense and prepare students not only in the various specialities, but also with the regards to financial management and first aid.

The facilities at Prue Leith are of the highest standards and our lecturers are respected experts in the culinary industry. It is not unusual to see job ads stating that “Only applicants with Prue Leith chef qualifications” may apply.

Getting a head start in the industry may mean working hard and becoming so passionate about the culinary arts that you simply eat, sleep, and dream culinary arts. It may also mean that you will need to attend a part or full time course that once completed will open doors for you giving you the competitive edge.

Get the chef qualifications you need to ensure a great start to your culinary career. Contact us for information regarding the various courses offered.