Top Career Training for Sought After SA Professional Chefs

Top Career Training for Sought After SA Professional Chefs

There is a big difference between a job and a career. A job may be seen as any employment for which the incumbent is remunerated, but it is seldom in a field to which the employee dedicates their working life. This person is likely to have numerous, varying jobs in different industries throughout their lives. A career requires focused, life-long dedication to a particular field after having obtained a formal qualification. It is a profession – be it that of a doctor, educator, hairstylist, IT specialist, or chef.

What About Your Professional Career?

Do you know which career is right for you? Have you always been keenly interested in all things related to gastronomy? Perhaps you have been working, but decided to make a career of one of your longstanding passions – food. Becoming a professional chef is a career that requires intensive training.

Secure Your Future and Your Career

Although there may still be a few chefs around in South Africa who have learnt their craft by serving a hands-on apprenticeship, the world within a professional kitchen has become exceptionally competitive of late. Without a formal, recognised, and accredited chef qualification, you nowadays stand little if any chance of securing employment and carving out a career as a professional chef at establishments that serve superb cuisine, in this country or elsewhere in the world.

Best Training, Recognised Diplomas, and Sought-After Graduates

Moreover, in a fast-paced world in which you need to earn a decent income, there is little time to lose when seeking top-quality training and a bona-fide qualification. That being said, which chef school in South Africa offers the best training, the best results, and the best qualifications – a diploma that is accepted and graduates that are eagerly sought by serious employers and credible role players in the hospitality field?

Top Culinary School in South Africa

If you want to be amongst the best chefs in South Africa who have received world-class culinary education and professional chef career training, and you are intent on graduating with a locally and internationally accredited diploma, one school should be right at the top of your list of likely training facilities – Prue Leith Chefs Academy. The Prue Leith in Centurion is widely accepted to be this country’s top culinary school. We began presenting our acclaimed training programmes in 1997 under the patronage of Prue Leith, (now) CBE. We are exceptionally privileged to have had the rare honour of using her name for our academy.

Her widely recognised and respected name also stands our students and graduates in good stead. Our peers in the hospitality industry tend to give preference to Prue Leith alumni when they wish to fill a vacancy with a career-minded, professionally trained chef.

Armed with expert training at Prue Leith Chefs Academy and our City & Guilds-accredited diplomas, you are equipped with all the theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on skills, methods and techniques to confidently make the most of your talents and culinary career in a professional restaurant kitchen anywhere in the competitive local and international world of fine food.