Top Chefs Training

To Become a Top-Tier Chef, You Need Top-Tier Chefs’ Training

Due to the refining of standards and technological advancements taking place in the culinary field, many educational institutions struggle to keep abreast of the latest changes. At our esteemed culinary institute, however, you have peace of mind knowing that your education is at the forefront of what is happening in the world of professional cookery. We take the necessary steps to ensure that all our qualifications offered are in keeping with top national and international standards, earning our place as the top chefs’ training school in South Africa.

A Look at Our Professional Kitchens

After decades of running the top culinary learning institution in the country, we invested an astounding R10,5 million in new professional kitchen and teaching facilities. These facilities are as listed below.

The Training Kitchen – T1

Our T1 Training Kitchen is housed in the Tiny Barnetson Culinary Centre. Fully equipped with 20 cutting-edge cooking stations for first-semester commis students. New trainees and prospective chefs learn the foundation and basic cooking techniques that will carry them throughout the rest of their respective careers. Each student’s learning is made possible through their own cooking station, which includes access to:

  • Electrolux Professional gas hobs
  • Two Electrolux Professional air-o-steam gas convection ovens (for the entire T1 kitchen)
  • An Electrolux Professional Blast Chiller (for the entire T1 Kitchen)
  • An under-counter fridge
  • Preparation basin with hot and cold water
  • An induction cooker
  • A KitchenAid mixer
  • A portion scale
  • A full set of smalls equipment and cookware including pots and pans

Our T1 kitchen is also equipped with a fully-fledged audio and visual suite. Presentations on four, large LCD screens are thus possible and a camera above the lecturer’s station means students have an up-close view of any techniques being used.

The Patisserie Kitchen – T2

The Patisserie Kitchen includes 10 fully equipped stations, each with TechniStone® tops, gas hobs, and an induction cooker. A KitchenAid mixer, portion scale, full set of smalls equipment, and pots and pans are also included. The air-conditioned kitchen is ideal for delicate pastry work and instructional presentations utilising audio-visual technical capabilities makes for only the best training environment for prospective patisserie chefs.

The Restaurant Kitchen

Our renowned fine dining establishment, The Prue Leith Restaurant, is manned by second-semester commis students overseen by our expert academy lecturers. We divide the Restaurant Kitchen into three sections, namely the Hot Kitchen, Cold Kitchen, and Pastry Kitchen which allows for dedicated practical work. Three expert chefs run each of the sections.

Lecture Rooms

Two, 40-seater lecture rooms are situated in the Tiny Barnetson Culinary Centre. Features of these rooms include audio-visual capabilities, Wi-Fi connection, and air-conditioning. Theoretical training, exams, and special events take place in these rooms.

Our Student Library

Students have access to multi-media content including books, magazines, journals, and even television series on all things culinary. Whether for education, research, inspirational reading, or keeping up to date with current industry trends, our student library is the place to be.

All our facilities are also linked to a generator back-up system, which means uninterrupted, professional chefs’ training is guaranteed.

For both professional chefs and student chefs-to-be, partnering with the right educational institution is critical. To find out more on how to enrol with us, simply get in touch with us today.