Vegetarian Cooking Classes Pretoria

It is only in recent years that vegetarians have managed to get vegetarian dishes included on the menus of the majority of South Africa’s restaurants. There was a time, not so very long ago, when you could find no separate vegetarian dish on a menu, but those times have changed. There are a number of different types of vegetarian though, ranging from the extreme vegans who will neither eat nor allow in their homes anything that is remotely connected with animals (including feathers, honey and wool) and at the other end of the scale the milder variety, who don’t mind the use of dairy products – some will even eat fish dishes. It can only be a good thing that most of today’s future aspiring chefs get cooking classes specially designed for vegetarians. Close to Pretoria is a catering college that has recognized the need for vegetarian cooking classes. This Pretoria College is named the Prue Leith College of Food and Wine. It is situated in a quiet suburb in Centurion in the grounds of the old Lyttleton Manor House. Vegetarian cooking classes in Pretoria are here to stay.

The Prue Leith College of Food and Wine is a catering school that has recognized the need for vegetarian dishes to be taught in the catering classroom, and vegetarian cooking classes are now a permanent feature on this Pretoria college’s curriculum. The college is situated in the grounds of the old Lyttleton Manor House in the Centurion suburb of Hennopspark. Eighty students a year are accepted into the college, half in January and half in July. The diploma course at Pretoria’s Prue Leith College lasts for eighteen months, and the course content is extremely comprehensive, the subjects not only covering vegetarian cooking, but there are also classes covering international dishes and special needs such as kosher and halal dishes. The curriculum at this fine food college has been adjusted over the ten years since its inception and it covers all features of culinary art. Students here get an excellent training and graduates are expected to rise to the very top of their individual specialty fields within a few years of leaving the college.

Students have to be eighteen years old to be accepted onto a diploma course, and they must have passed their Matric examinations. They also have to attend an interview and complete a questionnaire. Most of the first semester is spent in the lecture theatre or the teaching kitchen, and it is here that they learn all of the everyday running of the kitchen according to the curriculum. During their second semester the students work in Prue Leith’s, the college’s own restaurant, which is open to the public five nights a week. During this semester they also work in Prue Leith Catering. The catering company also benefits from the vegetarian cooking classes given by this Pretoria Company. Students get further workplace experience during their senior semester when they are placed in numerous five star catering establishments in South Africa, Europe and the Middle East.