Wedding Catering in Pretoria

Nothing can make a wedding be more successful than a wedding breakfast or reception that goes off without a single hitch. Her wedding day is the bride’s special day, the day she has been looking forward to more than any other. She has awoken on this special day a bundle of nerves, which is why her mother and her bridesmaids are there to help her. The wedding ceremony, whether it is in a church or, as is becoming more and more common today, in the picturesque setting of a beautiful garden, is normally a foregone conclusion. But the reception is usually the place where there comes some sort of hitch. Often this is because family or friends have arranged the catering, seating, band and master of ceremonies. Wedding catering in and around Pretoria is best handled by professional caterers who have both knowledge and experience to call upon in order to make that wedding breakfast a wonderful success.

There are many factors to take into consideration when trying to choose the right caterer for your wedding reception. The first thing to consider is to allow plenty of time in order to allow the chosen caterer to make any last minute changes. It’s not being very helpful if you telephone the caterer on the day before the wedding to ask him if he can please add three more places to the seating plan and can he please make two of the main course servings vegetarian. The planning of a meal of several courses takes time. Ingredients have to be ordered well in advance and in the right amounts to prevent any waste. Then the food has to be prepared and cooked – all take time. Then there are all the other very important things that you have to think about. There is the cutlery, the linen, the crockery, the bar, the waiters and waitresses and the champagne. The list goes on, in fact there are so many things to be taken into consideration that it is all too easy to leave something out, only to discover tit at the last minute, or later.

Wedding catering is a complicated business, but there are professionals who are there to take good care of things and ensure that nothing is forgotten or goes wrong. What better professionals than the Prue Leith Catering Company. This company is an offshoot of the catering college and has recently built a large industrial kitchen close to the college and specifically built to cater for large receptions of all types. The kitchen is conveniently located so as to be able to serve both the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas. Prue Leith Catering has specialists who will look after every aspect of your reception that you can think of, from the hiring of the chairs and tables to pouring the champagne. Your wedding catering is sure to be a success, and you will able to choose from a vast variety of different dishes, from Thai to Sushi, and from the traditional English roasts to exotic salads.