Wine and Dine: Do’s and Don’ts

To wine and dine someone means to treat someone to expensive food and wine. It might be with the purpose of getting to know someone better, for a special occasion or to show gratitude. Wining and dining normally happens at a special venue like a posh, expensive restaurant.

Being exclusive places of fine dining often means there is a dress-code clients have to adhere to. It is always a good idea to let the person who is being wined and dined know in advance of the specifics of the dress-code. Few things cause as much embarrassment as being underdressed and thus being shown away at the door of a restaurant.

Wine can be a tricky thing. Ordering wine without consulting the guest can seem rude to some. On the other hand there are those that feel that the host should order as he sees fit – as long as the wine pairs with the food that are served. The best approach might be to be lead by the guest’s knowledge of wine. Pairing of wine and food is important for the full enjoyment of the meal. Red wines pair with red meats and white wines with white meat like chicken and seafood. If the different food choices make it difficult to choose one bottle of wine, order by glass.

Wine should never be gulped down. Not only is it considered very rude but being under the influence of alcohol halfway through the wine and dining will not be to anyone’s advantage. Rather order a glass of water until the food had time to settle and alcohol won’t be absorbed so quickly. A wine and dine experience is a special treat and should be cherished as such.