Top-Tier Culinary School

5 Facts to Know About Our Top-Tier Culinary School


As the year draws to a close, students all over the country are seeking places of study and institutions in which to get their careers off to the right start. One cannot underestimate the importance of studying at a great culinary school, as it might mean the difference between plenty of open doors and future successes and winding up with no work prospects in sight. At the Prue Leith Culinary Institute, we take industry excellence to the next level and our students are all recipients of the benefits of this commitment. If you are considering studying through a culinary school and want to know more about what our renowned institution has to offer, below are five facts to explore.

  1. Our Campus Offers Unparalleled Facilities

As the top culinary school in South Africa, our institute puts special effort into student training facilities. Unlike other schools, we offer students the chance to work at state-of-the-art cooking stations from their first Commis semester. For this reason, we have already invested R10,5 million in brand-new kitchen and lecturing facilities, solidifying our place as a leading institute with a strong focus on distinction. Our facilities include:

  • The Training Kitchen, known as “T1”
  • The Patisserie Kitchen, known as “T2”
  • A restaurant kitchen
  • Lecture rooms
  • A student library

Our training kitchens are fully equipped with dedicated stations for every student. These stations include the required appliances, tools, smalls equipment, and pots and pans. Full audio-visual suites within the training kitchens also make lecturer presentations easy to follow.

  1. Our Culinary School Has a Long, Rich History

We didn’t just start as one of the best training schools the country has to offer; behind our name is a long history of hard work and commitment to high-quality courses. First established by Tiny Barnetson, Graham Ledger, Judy Dyason, and Grant McLaghlan in 1996, the Prue Leith Group has grown from strength to strength. 

  1. We Offer Full-Time and Part-Time Courses

Whether it is your dream to become a chef de cuisine or a pâtissier, we have the right essential courses for you. We offer both locally and internationally accredited culinary training, so you have the perfect career steppingstones laid out after achieving your qualification. Whether you are a complete novice, an experienced professional, or just seeking to upgrade your current skillset, our diverse courses can help make your dreams happen.

  1. Anyone Can Join Our Short Courses

Looking for quick training to boost your cooking skills right now? The Prue Leith Culinary Institute offers one-day, two-day, and five-day short courses on everything from advanced cakes and decorations to discovering the secrets of seafood.

  1. You Can Grab a Bite at Our Fine Dining Restaurant

If you want to explore all that our school has to offer, why not make an exclusive booking at our Prue Leith Restaurant? This manor-style establishment is set amongst magnificent gardens and boasts a sublime menu full of mouth-watering treats.

For superb, interactive training under experienced lecturers, real-world practical learning, and a qualification that will take you far, be sure to send us an online enquiry today.