A Catering College

The success of any catering company goes hand in hand with the expertise of the chefs it employs. Should the chefs be graduates from an acclaimed catering college or chef’s college, one tends to feel a little less anxious. As far as catering colleges and chef’s schools are concerned, Prue Leith Chef’s Academy is renowned for delivering graduates of the highest international standards.

The 18 month Diploma course presented by Prue Leith’s chef’s and catering college is extremely comprehensive. The curriculum covers the theory and practical of cold, hot and pastry kitchen. On completion of the Diploma, graduates will have a full grasp of all the intricacies of the restaurant and catering business. As part of their practical training, students work in one of the top 20 restaurants in Gauteng – the Leith restaurant which is located on campus. Students take part in every detail of running a restaurant…taking orders; planning menus; preparing and cooking food; serving as wine waiters and maitre d’hotel.

They also work under the supervision of the qualified chefs at Prue Leith Catering. This company specializes in catering for events at a venue of their client’s choice. Students are involved with every aspect of catering. Preparing fresh, scrumptious food from scratch and serving it in the most visually appealing manner. Receiving a Diploma from this renowned catering college empowers graduates for the big, wide world of the food industry. The financial module of the curriculum

is presented by professional business people and one of the outstanding features of this acclaimed chefs and catering college. Students get a good grasp of the financial implications of running a restaurant or catering company. Many students have started their own companies based on the business plans they put together at college.