Brand Leaders amongst South African Culinary Schools

Few industries are exposed to as much public opinion as that of the world of food and dining. Here, one’s customers and their preferences are about as diverse as they could possibly be, whilst one strives to please all the people, all the time.

Nevertheless, there are huge numbers of restaurants across the world which do so, day after day and year after year. The extent of their success and glowing reputations is such that eager, discerning diners are prepared to commit to a future date by making reservations months and even a year in advance, just for the sheer pleasure of experiencing fine dining at its very best.

The Importance of Reputation and Brand

Effective, enduring brand building and a proud reputation takes years to establish. Our leading culinary school and eminent patron, Prue Leith, CBE, have accomplished this very successfully, whilst constantly striving to improve upon existing standards of excellence even further.

Our reputation amongst leaders within the food and hospitality industry is but one measure of our accomplishment in the field of culinary arts training. Many top South Africa restaurants will only interview job candidates who have graduated from our school, and unashamedly state this in their vacancy advertisements – a high accolade indeed, which speaks volumes.

Convenient Job/Candidate Search

For this reason, we have included links on our website which assist prospective employers and our job seeking graduates to find one another. The testimonials from numerous participants bear testimony to the level of training which we provide. This handy service is just one of our contributions to our beloved industry and a way of “giving back” to its talented members.

Once our students have graduated, they are properly equipped with the knowledge, skills, experience and confidence to become efficient team members in any professional kitchen and/or specialise further in any one of the varied aspects of fine food preparation.

Culinary Courses

Most of the courses on offer at our academy are designed to educate novice, entry level chefs. However, several programmes cater for qualified chefs who seek to specialise or extend and update their skills.

Two of these courses for the latter group are particularly exciting – the Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts augments the expertise of qualified chefs, whilst ensuring that they remain up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Course duration is 10 months of part-time study, enabling working chefs to continue their normal duties.

ALMA “Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine” – a joint venture between our school and Italy’s top culinary training facility – is perfect for those wanting to focus on all foods and flavours from Italy – in Italy and locally. Qualified chefs who enrol for this programme will only attend classes in Italy, bar attending locally presented Italian language and culture modules prior to departure from South Africa.

New, aspirant chefs enrol for the full course, also joining our locally presented Grande Diploma in Culinary Arts & Wine, which equips students with practical experience and theoretical education, based on classical French training, coupled with modern techniques and influences.

Your Passion and Diners’ Delight

If food is your passion and you are determined to succeed in the challenging, rewarding sphere of creating delectable culinary delights for discerning diners, ensure that you complete your training at a school which equips you to realise your career dreams.