Top Chefs Receive Top Training at SA’s Top School

There’s a route to follow if you wish to make your career in the culinary field and it begins with a creative passion for food and its preparation. Next, you need to select a chefs’ school where you’ll be trained both theoretically and practically, and where you’ll receive a formal, recognised qualification on completion of your studies.

Ready for Work

Finally, you expect to be confidently ready to embark on your chef’s career and this means that you’ll have to apply for a job, armed with your qualification to prove that you have successfully completed your school’s curriculum and possess enough knowledge and experience to enter and work in a professional kitchen.

Of course, your studies at school have prepared you sufficiently to realise that being a chef is hard work, requiring determination, perseverance, patience and long hours. It’s also eminently rewarding and a fantastic outlet for your dreams of being a terrific chef, creating masterful, innovative dishes.

Pick of Jobs

It’s understandable that you expect your diploma to open doors for you, particularly upon entering the job market. However, there’s one way of virtually assuring that you find the pick of available jobs, and this depends on which chefs’ school you attended.

Pick of Schools

Graduates from the pick of South Africa’s top culinary schools are typically preferred by employers in the hospitality industry. In fact, many prospective employers and recruitment agencies stipulate that only graduates from Prue Leith need apply – indeed a high accolade.

Since there’s no short cut in becoming a recognised professional chef, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by studying and qualifying at any training institution other than South Africa’s top culinary school, since Prue Leith is rated as such by the very industry in which you’ll be going to work.

Reasons for Remarkable Reputation

Meeting and exceeding industry demands is a key factor in the Prue Leith academy’s standards of training, which is based on the classic French method with additional adaptations and influences from across the culinary world.

Our patron has earned a Michelin star in her own restaurant and is still consulted on important issues. At her insistence, a finance module is incorporated in our curriculum, since this forms a vital part of running a viable, successful kitchen – a fact which is highly valued by employers of our institute’s graduates and the graduates themselves, many of whom subsequently open their own restaurants.

Unlike most other chefs’ schools, our facility houses a fully equipped demonstration kitchen and a fine dining restaurant on site. Learners plan menus, create and prepare meals, manage and run the restaurant, which ranks among the top 100 within the country.

At our restaurant they are mentored and supervised by an experienced fine dining restaurant manager and professional chefs, whilst the students perfect their practical skills in an actual setting, where paying customers – discerning diners – partake of gourmet dishes.

The restaurant also hosts events, functions, workshops and conferences and the venue is available for hire and group bookings. Generator back-up ensures that all concerned are able to continue their activities without fear of being left powerless.

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