Caterming Courses for Professionals and Amatures

The tremendous growth in the food industry has had a positive effect on the amount of catering courses on offer. Celebrities chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver became household names – which awakened an appreciation for slow-cooked meals and fine dining. More people are venturing towards catering courses. Some have the purpose of making a career out of cooking. Others enjoy cooking as a hobby or to entertain friends and family.

Prue Leith caters for both the amateur and want-to-be-professional by means of catering courses. Prue Leith Chef’s Academy offers an eighteen month Diploma course which is highly recommended and rated by professional chefs around the world as one of the most comprehensive courses on offer. With a student:lecturer ratio of 10:1 there is no time for slacking. Only 30 students are allowed per catering course, with new intakes in January and July. On completing the course with an average of at least 60% one receives a Diploma from the Prue Leith School of Food and Wine. This includes a Cape Wine Academy Certificate, for a catering course will not be complete without proper training in the wonderful world of wine. Practical training is done in the Leith Restaurant, one of the top restaurants in South Africa as well as with Prue Leith Catering.

Amateurs can attend catering courses held by Prue Leith Catering at their premises in Centurion. Groups of at least 10 people prepare a 6 course meal under the guidance of professional chefs from the Prue Leith Academy. This is a hands-on experience accompanied by liberal quantities of wine and laughter. Afterwards the group enjoys their 6 course meal together. Deciding on a catering course may prove to be tricky as there are currently 5 menus to choose from: Thai, Japanese, Portuguese, Greek or American.